Important Upcoming Info


Unfortunately we did not pull out a win but the meet was a definite improvement over our last home meet. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and dedication to the team.

There are a number of important issues I need to bring up so please read through each point carefully:

1. On Monday the practice times rotate again: 7:30 - 8:25   10 & Under,     8:30 - 9:25  11 & Over

2. Evening practices are becoming overwhelming for the coaches. These practices are for the swimmers that have week-long commitments to summer school or camp. This is not for the swimmers with a doctors appointment or the like that are going to miss one practice. We only have one coach at each evening practice and they are working very hard to provide a practice for all age levels. When we have too many swimmers showing up, especially without prior approval from Coach Manon, it makes it very hard for them to manage the practice and make it worth while for everyone and not stressful for them. So please, seek prior approval for week long summer school and camp like issues for evening practice attendance.

3. Please make use of the Sign Out Binder when signing swimmers out of any meet. We are going to keep the Binder at the Lifeguard stand so that you can go up to the pool at any time and sign out of the meet. From now on the only time you should be texting/emailing Coach Manon about a swimmer not being in a meet is if it is a last minute illness/emergency drop out. Remember, sign out in the Sign Out Binder by Wednesday.

4. Each family is required to volunteer for 2 full meets. We are aware that many of you go above and beyond the 2 full meet requirements and we thank you! Those that have not yet stepped up, we have 2 more regular season meets, one home, one away and we feel we are struggling to get spots filled and keep them filled. Please go to the website and fill those spots!!

5. Divisionals & All-Stars: For Divisionals basically the top 1-2 swimmers are taken from each age group. For All-Stars it is the top 16 swimmers in each division (not team). We occasionally have alternates that end up having to fill in last minute for sick or injured swimmers. Divisionals are July 28 and All-Stars are Aug 4 please assume your child has a chance (even if you don't think they really do) and make your decisions about attendance now. If your swimmers will not be available for either meet please sign out. It is very important that we have definitive lists for attendance for these two meets ASAP.

6. Don't forget about our big End of the Season Party on July 29!! Please keep taking pictures and collect them for our video!!! Watch for more instructions on how to get us all those wonderful pictures you have been taking!

If you have any questions about these topics, please don't hesitate to ask us or your Big Fish Family!!

And once more, thank you all for your hard work! We are so proud to be a part of Cheshire Forest!!

Go Flying Fish!!

Stephanie & Chuck