July 14th Meet Sign ups

Hi Flying Fish Families-

The Meet sign up for volunteers was just updated and is ready.  Many of you have already signed up and I thank you !!   Seriously- so many of you- alumni and new Fish families, have been so wonderful in stepping up to make this a great season for our kids.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate all the help.

Please note:   I adjusted the job list based on what our needs are-

1.  I have added a spot for volunteers to sign up for Friday night pre-meet set up at the Clubhouse and pool at 8PM.

2.  Awards Table:  This year we only need one volunteer-  if you were signed up for one of the original 3 Awards Table slots, your name is no longer there because it just kept the first person to sign up.   But no worries-  I'm sure we can find something else for you to do!  smiley

3.  I am really trying to make this easy on EVERYONE by breaking the jobs down into 1/2 meets.  The heat index was 106 degrees on Sat and it'll be a hot one this Sat as well.  I please ask that you consider working at least a half of a meet so that we can continue to let everyone have a break and a chance to enjoy watching their kids!

A note of thanks:    HUGE thanks to Michelle Bright, who has been going up to the pool and donating freeze pops to our hungry swimmers every Friday!  I know the kids look forward to it and we really appreciate it!!  Thanks Michelle!!!

If you have any questions about volunteer spots, please don't hesitate to email me or text.  757.287.5698

Thanks- Aimee