Clarification: Divisionals vs All-Stars

I've heard several questions on this, so I thought I'd clarify Divisionals vs All-Stars.  Please let me know if you still have questions or concerns.  Thanks!

DIVISIONALS - July 21.  This is our meet with all teams from the FSSL Division 4.  ALL SWIMMERS are included, just like on any other meet, as long as they have swum in at least 2 regular season meets.  The only difference here is that the Divisional meet has all teams from our division = Braddock Heights, Dearbought, and Brunswick.   Due to having more teams in this meet, swimmers may be restriced to less events per swimmer, so we can still end the meet at a decent time.

ALL-STARS - July 28.  Only swimmers WHO BEAT ALL-STAR TIMES may swim in this meet.  The All-Star times are determined by the FSSL before the start of each season, for each event.  All-Star times are posted on the website under the Documents tab.  If your swimmer has beaten the All-Star time for a specific event, they may swim in the All-Star meet for that event. 

Note: Monday through Friday practice during the week of July 23 - 27 is only for those swimmers qualifying for All-Stars.  If your swimmers has NOT beaten an All-Star time, then they are NOT REQUIRED to attend practice on July 23 - 27.