July 30 and Beyond Schedule Exceptions


COOGS will be taking a break from workouts from Aug 11th to the 25th. In addition, the Friendswood Aquatics Center will be closed for 3-weeks for extensive maintenance and repairs starting July 30. And the JCC will be hosting the North American Maccabi Games starting on August 5. So, here is a list of our schedule exceptions as we know it:



JULY 14 (Saturday)

All COOGS workouts at the Merfish Pool. The address is 9000 S. Rice Blvd, 77096.


  Senior            9-11am 

  Junior             9-11am

  Age Group      9-10:30am 

  Development   9-10am


JULY 30 (Monday) - AUGUST 4 (Saturday) : ALL COOGS AT MERFISH POOL


  MWF:  Seniors 4:30-7pm, Juniors 5-7pm, AgeGroup 6:00-7:30pm

  T&Th:  Seniors 4:30-7pm, Juniors 5-7pm, Development 6:00-7:00pm

  Sat:     Seniors 9-11am, Juniors 9-11am, AgeGroup 10:30-noon, Dev 10:30-11:30


AUGUST 6 (Monday) - AUGUST 10 (Friday) : ALL COOGS AT TSU

None of our normal pools are available during this time, so we will be at the Texas Southern University pool; the address to the TSU parking garage is 3001 Blodgett (77004), and detailed directions for getting to the pool will be at the bottom of this message:


  MWF:  Seniors 5-7pm, Juniors 5-7pm, AgeGroup 5:30-7pm

  T&Th:  Seniors 5-7pm, Juniors 5-7pm, Development 6:00-7pm



Team break! Make sure you maintain some regular physical activity, but take a break from swimming!



Team Awards Party at the "Roudbari Estates!" Probably 10am-1pm - hope you can make it! Details as we get closer. 



Team registration night. Details TBA.



First day of workout for the 2012-2013 Season!



Thanks again,

     COOGS Coaching Staff