Sat Meet Volunteers

Please double check the volunteer list for this Sat's home meet.

We are still in desperate need of key volunteers-

1.  Clerk of Course: Zookeepers-   this is the volunteer who checks swimmers in at the start of the meet and gets them ready and lined up for the events.  Ideally we need 2 - 3 volunteers in this role.  We currently have NO ONE.  I will be there Sat to assist anyone who is willing to step up. 

2. Time Scorer:  This is a great job because it is INSIDE in AIR CONDITIONING!   Herb Glembin, our team scorer, can guide any willing and able volunteer, on how to do this position.  So if you are new-  no worries.

PLEASE check the assignments NOW and let me know of any changes.

Unfortunately we do have several families that have NOT fulfilled their commitment of 2 FULL meets of volunteering.   We really need everyone to do their part so that it is a successful season for our kids.

So please consider helping out!

Also-  for concessions we need some volunteers to make pasta and fruit salad.   Please let me know if you can help.  Thanks!