Website Changes & Additions

Our Team Website had undergone some changes today! We have added several features, and changed things around a little bit -

We have added the capability to accept credit card payments "on demand". This means that those that don't have the ability to set up autopay (some banks do not allow for this), you can pay your invoice "on demand".

We have also added our own TeamStore to the website. All you need to do is click on the SwimStore link and it will take you to our Gear Store. This is a fully functional store and sometimes has items that cannot be found at other online stores. We have included needed Training Gear specified for each team on AST and encourage you to have the swimmers have their own gear (kickboards, pull buoys, fins, mesh bag, etc...)

There is also a link for Swim Outlet .com on the left hand side of the page so we invite you to comparison shop. If you are getting TYR branded gear, the SwimStore usually has a higher quantity of suits, bags, etc. If you are partial to Speedo, the deals on Swim Outlet are generally better.

There is also a new section entitled Newsletters. This is a set of newsletters intended for parent and swimmer education. There are articles in their about proper nutrition, talking with your swimmers before and after a race, benefits of swimming as a sport, etc. All parents and swimmers are strongly encouraged to read these articles. They will be published once per month, and the archive of 2010, 2011, and up to July 2012 have been placed on the page.

Some information has been consolidated to make it easier to find with most of the basic information moved to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Please help out by taking time to look at these pages, and the new arrangement. If you see something that is not accurate, or think should be placed somewhere else for greater efficiency, or can't find something you think should be on the page and easier to find, please let Coach DeMar know.

Lastly, the team is looking for someone that is familiar with social media that would like to administer the Facebook and/or Twitter feeds for the team. If you have an interest in this, please let Coach DeMar know that as well.

Have a great day - See YOU at the POOL!