Coach Newsletter

Swimmers & Families,

Great job this weekend!  I am very grateful to all of the parent volunteers who made this meet run so smoothly.  I received a compliment from the pool manager.  She said this was the fastest the pool had ever been cleaned up after a meet.  Thanks to all who made that happen.

I was so proud of the way our team swam this weekend!!  You may not have heard, but we lost by only 11 points!  SO CLOSE!!  I am disappointed that we lost, but excited about the way we swam.  We had some real standout performances, as well as great team spirirt.  I love that many swimmers worked very hard on certain things during the week, and it showed in their swims this weekend.  I also am glad that many of you swam in your first-ever relays.  Good job, swimmers!

If you want to swim at the Divisional meet you need to sign up early this week  - please declare by Monday, July 16 at 9pm.  If you are NOT swimming, please declare that so we don't wonder about you.  : )  You may only chooose 3 events this week.  The coaches may make changes to benefit the team.  Unfortunately, if you have not swum in two regular season meets, you may only swim exhibition (your scores won't count).  I hope you will still attend if this is the case for you, as All-Star swims will count and it would be nice to have the whole team together. 

Next week there are a few notable events.  On Friday, it is the last Fun Friday of the season.  I am planning on having a fun Olympic event that you will not want to miss!  Since it's the last regular team practice, I am changing the schedule so everyone will have Fun Friday together,  from 9 - 10am.  If you want a little extra meet preparation going into Divisionals, that will happen from 8 - 9am.  ALL SWIMMERS can attend at that time.  To clarify - swimmers of all ages who want to prep for Divisionals, come from 8 - 9am.  From 9 - 10 am it will be ALL FUN  for EVERYONE.  Hope to see everyone there!

If you have qualified for All-Stars, your practices the week of July 23 - 27 will be from 9 - 10am.  There are no evening practices.

Coach Rogers There was definite improvement in the swimming this weekend.  I was also proud of the good sportsmanship we showed.  I saw Bobby, Michael & James D. reach across to shake hands with competitors.  In a close meet, especially, this shows our true character. 

Coach Kameryn All of the younger swimmers had a great attitude.  I was proud to see many qualifiers for All-Stars this week.  Many of you overcame your fear and swam in your first relay.  I'm proud of your outstanding effort!

Coach Chelsea It was a really close meet this weekend!  We had a lot of people step up and move up places to get us the points we needed.  It will be an interesting meet next week!

Coach Sarah I think everyone did great this weekend.  We shaved off a lot of time on our races.  A lot of swimmers are close to making All-Stars and I look forward to seeing more great results at the next meet!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of Swimmer of the Week.  Last week they were Rachael Bostian, Blake Corbi, Kyle VanScoy & Audrey Rudy.  This week's winners were Lizzie Brown, Bobby Bromwell, Raegan Corcoran & Hayden Springer.  The wonderful thing about Swimmer of the Week these past two weeks is that it was really close!!  There were many swimmers who really worked harder than ever before!  I love that it is harder to win it these days!  Winners can be extra proud of their achievements, as it was a tough field of contenders!!


Cyrus McCutcheon 25 Free

Campbell Caldwell 25 Fly

Kameryn Corcoran 100 Free

Max Kosch 100 IM

Chelsea Rossick 50 Free

SWIM TEAM YEAR-END PICNIC is Sunday, July 22 from noon - 2.  We will be handing out awards to all of the swimmers.  Please join us for the food & fun!