Call for nominations (Deadline: July 21st)

Dear CSL Piranhas Families,
Would you like to play a more active role in the CSL Broadlands Piranhas? We are now accepting nominations for the following Swim Team Board positions:
1.      Vice President 
2.      Treasurer
3.      Team Representative
You must be a resident member in good standing to be nominated for a Board position. Nominations should be submitted to our elections coordinator, Annie Schleyer ([email protected]com).  She will be accepting nominations through Saturday July 21st.  The individuals managing the nominating and election process of new Board members will prioritize the confidentiality of all nominations and the identity of those making the nominations.
All Board positions are a two year commitment.  Elections for Board position are staggered so that newly elected Board members have the opportunity to join a team comprised of both new and experienced members.  Returning Board members are:
President: Michelle Quadt
Secretary: Melanie LeGoullon
To establish continuity, there will be a transition meeting in September for each Board position.  We thank you in advance for your time and effort on behalf of the CSL Piranhas!
Descriptions of the Board positions open for nominations are provided below.
Vice President: 
A.  Manage team(s) to comply with league rules.
B.  Ascertain and oversee Committee Chairs to ensure that committee responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner.
C.  Assist Team President in identifying Head Coach and coaching staff as well as preparing draft of coaching contracts.
D.  Prepare with the Team Treasurer an annual budget specifically relating to committee expenses/revenues for the Team.
The CSL Team Vice President will serve 1 year as the VP and the second year becomes the CSL Team President. 
A. Receive and disburse the Team's funds as directed by the Board, remit such funds for deposit in the regular accounts maintained in the name of the Organization, and keep records of such transactions.
B. Assist Vice President with the preparation of the budget and committee budgets.
C. Furnish the Board with updates on financial status as each Team Board Meeting.
D. Furnish financial report at the annual General Membership Meeting.
E. Responsible for assuring transparency of the operating budgets between the two team.
F. Work with the ODSL Treasurer (alternating years) to generate and file any necessary Tax or banking accounting.
Team Representative:
A. Represent the Swim Team's interests at League Meetings and serve as liaison between the Swim Team and the League.
B. Report updates on the league issues at Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings.
C. Serves as primary point of contact for the other swim teams in the League.
D. Ensure team complies with all league rules and requirements.
E. Manage meet preparations and meet operations.

If you have any questions about these positions, please contact the current Board officer:
Vice President Michelle Quadt ([email protected])
Treasurer: Mark Turbyfill ([email protected])
Team rep: Molly Lynch ([email protected])
Thank you for considering!
Melanie LeGoullon
CSL Board Secretary