Cal State Games - General announcement to all attending teams

Cal State Games 2012 - 7/21/2012 to 7/22/2012

First of all it should be noted that we will delay the start of the meet to 8:30. Originally the meet was going to begin at 8:00. In talking with multiple coaches, we have decided that 8:30 was much more appropriate, given the fact that many swimmers would be attending opening ceremonies the night before, and they would all appreciate the extra :30 min in the morning.

General warmup will be available between 7:00 and 8:20 a.m.

We will be running 6 lanes of competition, and lane 7 will be a buffer lane with continuous warmup available in lane 8.

The meet is small. Below is the projected timeline. The timeline is not absolute it is only an estimate.

Not all swimmers received the information that we were allowing 7 events this year instead of 5. We will allow any swimmer who is in the meet to enter additional events at the beginning of the meet up until 8:00 a.m. Use form at the end of this document to enter additional events.

Session: 1 Saturday AM

Day of Meet: 1 Starts at 08:30 AM

Timeline is Estimated only.

200 Freestyles: 8:30 -9:10 AM

Breaststroke events 9:10 – 9:35 AM

Awards Break for 200 Freestyles and Breaststrokes 20 min

50 Freestyles 9:55-10:20 AM

200 IM's 10:20 – 10:44 AM

Awards Break for 50 Freestyles and 200IM's 20 Min

Relays 11:04 – 11:30 AM

Awards for Relays 10 Min


Session: 2 Saturday pm

Day of Meet: 1 Starts at 12:30 PM

There are only 5 swimmers entered in the masters division. We will start the meet approximately 1 hour after the conclusion of the youth division. We will not start before 12:30 p.m. We will allow at least 10 minutes between swims (and will allow for flexibility of more than that when requested).


Session: 3 Sunday AM

Day of Meet: 2 Starts at 08:30 AM

Butterfly events 8:30 – 8:53

Backstroke events 8:53 – 9:22AM

Break for Butterfly and Backstroke awards 20 min

100 Freestyles 9:42 – 10:17 AM

Relays: 10:17 – 10:40 AM

Awards for 100 Freestyles and Relays 20 min

Time Trials are avaialable: they will begin no sooner than 11:00. See meet format for information.

There are no assigned warmup times for teams (only general warmup 7:00 – 8:20), and no timing assignments, we would appreciate help in filling the timing chairs during the meet. We are running 6 lanes so we have 12 timing chairs to fill. We ask that all who are not competing pitch in and help us out with timing.

Swimmer Name: FIRST_________________LAST____________________ MI_____ D.O.B.________TEAM:_______

additional event: event name:__________________ event #:_____________ Time:_______________

additional event: event name:__________________ event #:_____________ Time:_______________

additional event: event name:__________________ event #:_____________ Time:_______________