Frederick High School renovation plan

An article has come out recently regarding the 5 year Frederick High School renovation plan. There is a feasibility study being conducted by a Baltimore Based architectural firm.  One option is to demolish the existing pool building and not  rebuild, thus eliminating the pool. Another oprtion is to keep the pool building and replace the school on the same site. 

The Frederick County Pool Sustainabiltiy Committee will be hard at work to ensure that we do not lose a FCPS pool!  Your voice needs to be heard telling them that under no circumstances should the FHS pool be demolished.  FCPS is starting to gather feedback and we need to let them know that losing the pool is an unacceptable option.  I realize that 5 years seems like a long ways away, but we need to start now in the early planning stages to let FCPS know how valuable the pools are to the community.

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