Post-Party Notes


Hoping everyone had a great time at our End of the Season Party last night. I unfortunatly have some house keeping to finish . . .

If you were kind enough to pick up awards, etc for swimmers that could not make the party, could you please let me know who you are delivering too. I know Sarah Smith took the Lavins and the Logans.

If you could not make the party but would like to pick up your goodies, please email or text me when you are available 737-0053

Divisional swimmers that have not paid for t-shirts, please drop off your money or check made out to Cheshire Forest to me (501 Flax Mill Drive) Also, I know there was an issue with 3 shirts (Carson, Croley and Mowery) I expect to pick up your shirts this week.

Today you can go to to see where our swimmers finished out among all VBSL swimmers for All Stars. Although they only take the top 16 swimmers in each event, they have a few different files with great info to see 1. How the divisional swimmers ranked before any scratces were applied, 2. The entries by team, and 3. The Psych sheet for the All Star Meet. Last night in your swimmers' envelope, Coach Manon printed out the times for all events swam and you can use that to see where your swimmer is in comparison to all VBSL, if you are interested.

Again, many thanks for a great season. We continue to wish our All Stars and Coaches the best of luck this weekend!!

Go Fish!

Stephanie & Chuck