AZOTS Maximize Potential at JO MAX!


AZOTS Maximize Potential at JO Max Championship at ORCA


July 20-22, 2012


It was a beautiful weekend at the JO Max meet at El Modena in Orange, CA. The temperature was a little bit on the warm side but there was a constant calming breeze on the pool deck. Azot swimmers all performed very well accomplishing many goals to better their time. Swimmers of all ages were able to advance in their division often time finishing in a division higher. Our swimmers competed well against rival competition and also dropped time for many personal bests!


The morning started off with our younger swimmers participating in their first JO max. Every one was nervous about performing on such a big stage. However, they all did very well with some advancing to Red time, while some getting their first Blue time! The afternoon featured warmer weather as the competition heated up.  Our swimmers swam with enthusiasm while supporting their fellow teammates. Many swimmers accomplished their qualifying time for the December invite, while some attained their first JO time at this meet. By the end of the meet, there were many happy faces all around the AZOT canopy area.


Our relay teams did very well with the 11-12 boys winning the 200 free in exciting fashion. The 13-over boys lead off with a bang but were not able to hold on to first place. They lost to a team with a much higher seed time. Good job by all!


Congratulations to the Aquazot JO MAX swimmers for a great meet!


Highlights from Coach Jacqueline - Azot 1 & 2 Coach:

General: I am so very proud of the improvements in not only swimming but in attitudes and dedication.  The level of technique has grown tremendously and it reflects in their times as a group.  Swimmers are able to see their strokes improve in such a short time which has boosted their confidence and their drive in practice.  Both Azot 1 and 2 are stronger than ever and I can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming year. 

Jo Max: Timothy Lee and Hunter Kroll added to their JO event list by having an incredible 100 breast face off with each other.  That resulted in both of them qualifying for Jos on Saturday of the meet.  Wyatt Genc dropped 10 sec off his previous 100 breaststroke to receive a blue time and dropped time in every race.  Claire Jang added some blue times in the fly, breast and IM.  Julia Hahn received a blue time in her 100 IM, her first time ever racing it!  Bryce Do dropped 12 seconds in his 50 free along with significant time drops in every event.  Ethan Kim racked up new blue times in the 100 breast, 100 IM, 50 back and 50 free.  Anthony Noh and Michael Yu set solid times for themselves for their first time swimming in a meet.  Vahan Vorperian dropped 4 seconds in his 50 freestyle and in all of his events as well.  Ethan Vovan narrowly missed the JO time standard in the 50 back by .08 but still managed to drop time off in that event as well as others.  Some other swimmers with amazing time drops include: An Dang, Raja Batra, Hayley Do, Brandon Getter, Daniel Yoo, Yi Ann, Anna Pan, and Sophia Schreiber.


Following are swimmers that finished 8th or higher in their division and their respective events.


Girls 5-8


25 FR: Batra, M- WHT-2nd

50 FR: Schreiber, S- BLU-8th, Batra, M –WHT-4th, Dang, Y- WHT-7th

100 FR: Schreiber, S- RED-3rd, Dang, Y-WHT-4th

25 BK: Schreiber, S- RED-1st, Batra, M-RED-7th, Zhou, L, WHT-1st, Masud,Z WHT-7th .

50 BK: Schreiber, S-BLU-4th, Zhou, L, WHT-5th, Batra, M-WHT-1st, Li, N-WHT-3rd, McClung, S-7th.

25 BR: Schreiber, S-RED-6th, Dang, Y-WHT-3rd, Zhou, L, WHT-6th.

50BR: Schreiber, S- RED-2nd, Batra, WHT-3rd

25FL: Mc Clung, S, WHT-1st, Li, Y, WHT-8th

50FL: Schreiber, S, RED-3rd.

100IM: Schreiber, S-BLU-8th, Mc Clung, S-WHT-6th


100 Freestyle Relay-Schreiber, Sohia;  Zhou, Lauren; Li, Yi Ning,  Dang, Yen- 3rd Place

100 Medley Relay- Batra, Millie;  Schreiber, Sophia; McClung, Sage; Zhou, Lauren- 4th Place






Girls 5-10


50BK: Chen, J-WHT-5th, Do, H-WHT-6th.

100BK: Li, Y-BLU-4th, Dang, A-WHT-7th.

50FL: Li, Y-WHT-8th

200IM: Li, Y-WHT-1st


Girls 11-12


50FR: Hahn, J-WHT-3rd

100FR: Cobian, R-BLU-6th, Jang, C-WHT-5th.

200FR: Cobian, R-BLU-2nd, Chuang, Y-WHT-1st, Jang, C-WHT-6th

50BK: Engineer, M-BLU-3rd.

100BK: Engineer, M-BLU-6th, Chuang, Y-WHT-1st.

50BR: Engineer, M-JAG-2nd, Jang, C-WHT-1st.

100BR: Engineer, M-JAG-1st, Jang, C- WHT-2nd.

200BR: Engineer, M-BLU-2nd.

50FL: Andarza, M-BLU-2nd, Engineer,M-RED-1st, Cobian, R- RED-2nd,

Hahn, J-WHT-3rd.

100FL: Cobian, R-RED-5th, Chuang, Y-WHT-1st, Jang,C-WHT-2nd.

200FL: Chuang, Y-WHT-1st.

100IM: Engineer, M-BLU-3rd, Jang, C-WHT-2nd.


Girls 13-14


50FR: Jang, A-BLU-5th, Nagarkar, A-WHT-3rd

100FR: Jang, A-BLU-1st, Larson, N-BLU-4th, Hashemi, J-BLU-7th, Bauerlein, S, RED-2nd,

        Vincent, C-RED-5th.

200FR: Larson, N-BLU-3rd, Jang, A-BLU-4th, Nagarkar, A-WHT-6th.

100BK: Larson, N-BLU-1st, Hashemi-RED-4th.

200BK: Jang, A-BLU-1st, Hashemi-RED-2nd, Pan, A-WHT-8th.

100 BR: Jang, A-BLU-3rd, Hashemi-RED-3rd.

200BR: Bauerlein, S-BLU-8th.

100FL: Larson, N-WHT-1st

200FL: Jang, A-RED-1st

200IM: Jang, A-BLU-1st, Vincent, C-RED-8th.


Girls 15 & Over


50FR: Visarutanun, A-BLU-6th.

100FR: Visarutanun, A-BLU-6th, Sung, W-WHT-1st.

200FR: Visarutanun, A-BLU-8th, Sung, W-WHT-1st.

100BK: Visarutanun, A-BLU-2nd.

200BK: Visarutanun, A-JAG-2nd , Sung, W-WHT-1st.

100BR: Visarutanun, A-BLU-2nd , Dang,V-BLU-4th .

200BR: Dang, V-BLU-4th.

100FL: Dang, V-BLU-2nd

200FL: Dang, V-JAG-1st

200IM: Sung, W-WHT-1st



Boys 5-8


25BK: Chen, J-WHT-4th.

25BK: Loke, N-WHT-8th.

25FL: Loke, N-WHT-8th.


Boys 5-10


50FR: Keelin, N-RED-6th, Do, B-WHT-3rd.

100FR: Lee, T-BLU-2nd.

200FR: Lee, T-BLU-2nd.

50BK: Lee, T-JAG-1st, Keelin, N-RED-7th, Do, B-WHT-4th.

100BK: Lee, T-BLU-1st, Keelin, N-RED-3rd, Do, B-WHT-1st.

50BR: Lee, T-RED-1st, Keelin, N-WHT-7th.

100BR: Kroll, H-BLU-1st, Lee, T-BLU-3rd, McClung, K-RED-5th.

50FL: Kroll, H-RED-1st, Lee, T-RED-3rd.

100IM: Kroll, H-BLU-1st, Do, B-WHT-4th, Keelin, N-WHT-8th.

200IM: Lee, T-BLU-3rd.


200 Freestyle Relay: Do, Bryce; Keelin, Noah; Yu, Michael; Batra, Raja. 1st Place

200 Medley Relay: Yu, Michael; Lee, Timothy; Kroll, Hunter; Do, Bryce. 2nd Place


Boys 11-12


50FR: Dang, L-BLU-7th; Vovan, E-RED-6th; Dewing, J-WHT-1st.

100FR: Dang, L-BLU-6th; Vovan, E-WHT-5th.

200 FR: Genc, W-RED-8th; McClung, M-WHT-3rd.

50BK: Vovan, E-JAG-1st, Dang, L-BLU-7th; Kim, E-RED-6th; Dewing, J-WHT-5th;

        McClung, M-WHT-6th.

100BK: Genc, W-BLU-4th; Vovan, E-RED-4th; Dewing, J-WHT-2nd; Vorperian, V-WHT-5th;

        Getter, B-WHT-7th.

200BK: Dewing, J-RED-1st

50 BR: Kim, E-RED-3rd; Getter, B-RED-6th; Dewing, J-WHT-2nd; Vovan, E-WHT-5th;

        Yoo, D-WHT-6th.

100BR: Kim, E-RED-4th; Genc, W-WHT-2nd; Dewing, J-WHT-3rd; Loke, M-WHT-8th.

50 FL: Dang, L-BLU-3rd; Kim, E-RED-7th.

100FL: Dang, L-JAG-1st, Dewing, J-WHT-2nd; Getter, B-WHT-4th.

100IM: Kim, E-RED-3rd; Vovan, E-WHT-2nd; Dewing, J-WHT-4th; McClung-WHT-7th.

200IM: Takahashi, S-BLU-5th; Kim, E-WHT-4th.


200 Free Relay- Kim, Ethan; Dewing, Jonah; Vovan, Ethan; Dang, Long- 1st Place.

200 Medley Relay- Genc, Wyatt; Kim, Ethan; Dewing, Jonah; McClung, Malcomb- 1st Place-WHT


Boys 13-14


50FR: Yan, A-BLU-3rd; Dang, T-BLU-8th; Lebovic, Z-RED-4th; Scruggs, P-WHT-8th.

100 FR: Yan, A-BLU-3rd; Lebovic, Z-RED-7th.

200FR: Yan, A-JAG-1st; Dang, T;-BLU-5th; Lebovic, Z-RED-5th; Scruggs, P-WHT-3rd.

100BK: Lebovic, Z-RED-5th; Scruggs, P-WHT-5th; Sheen, S-WHT-7th.

100BR: Lebovic, Z-BLU-2nd; Scruggs, P-RED-2nd; Sheen, S-WHT-6th.

200BR: Sheen, S-RED-4th; Lebovic, Z-WHT-1st.

100FL: Dang, T-BLU-3rd; Lebovic, Z-RED-2nd.

200IM: Yan, A-JAG-1st; Dang,T-BLU-6th; Sheen, S-WHT-6th.


Boys 15& Over


50FR: Dang, M-BLU-2nd; Dale, R-BLU-3rd; Cobian, J-BLU-4th; Givant, I-WHT-1st;

Olson, K-WHT-2nd; Ewry, A-WHT-3rd.

100FR: Dale, R-BLU-2nd; Dang, M-BLU-3rd; Olson, K-WHT-1st; Ewry, A-WHT-4th.

200 FR: Dale, R-BLU-2nd; Givant, I-WHT-1st; Olson, K-WHT-3rd.

500FR: Dale, R; BLU-1st.

1000FR: Dale, R-1st

100 BK: Dang, M-BLU-2nd, Ewry, A-WHT-1st.

100 BR: Liao, J-BLU-4th; Cobian, J-RED-5th.

200BR: Liao, J-BLU-3rd.

100FL: Givant, I-BLU-1st; Dang, M-BLU-3rd; Cobian, J-BLU-6th; Olson, K-WHT-1st;

Dale, R-WHT-2nd.

200IM: Dang, M-BLU-3rd; Liao, J-BLU-8th

400IM: Dale, R-RED-1st.


400 Freestyle Relay: Givant, Ian; Dang, Tien; Dang, Minh; Liao, James- 2nd Place.


Congratulations to all JO Max swimmers to a great season!