Swim-a-Thon Deadline Extended to Earn Group Sleepover at the Pool!

 If you haven't already heard, the Swim-A-Thon has been extended to give all of the swimmers a chance to earn the awesome prizes, AND to earn a group sleepover at the pool!

All the swimmers have been divided into two teams, Blue and Green (announced at the swim team picnic). Whichever team raises the most money will earn a sleepover at the pool on Labor Day weekend with breakfast being cooked and served by the parent volunteers. When both teams raise a total of at least $10,000 (that is ONLY $100/swimmer), then BOTH teams will have the sleepover! For those who have already participated, your donations count toward your teams! You will also earn any of the great prizes that were already in place… so, maybe, try and raise a few more donations!!!You now have until Wednesday, August 29th to raise your money and swim! Now, even if you are on vacation, you can still raise can swim at ANY pool, just have your laps verified and signed! It is AS EASY AS THAT! Let's conquer ONE LAST GOAL this summer! If we can win All-City, we should have this one in the bag!!!

If you don't know which team you're on, please e-mail fundraising@marinehillspool, and I will let you know. Good luck, and GO FISH AND TREE!