Swim-a-Thon Sleepover Winners!


The winner of this year’s Sleepover prize is… The Green and Blue Teams!!!  Actually, the GREEN team won the swim-a-thon earnings contest by almost $600, but we’re going to reward ALL swim-a-thon participants for their efforts this year!  However, the Blue Team will be preparing and serving breakfast in the morning for the Green Team!

Here are the details:

Date:   Sunday, 9/2 at 8:00 pm to Monday, 9/3 at 10:00 am.

There will be open swim hours from 8-10pm, and maybe even a movie!

Please bring sleeping bags, pillow, flashlights, and a tent if you wish.  Breakfast will be provided.


Here are the lucky invitees who participated in the swim-a-thon and are invited to the sleepover:  I will be notifying you if you also earned a prize for your efforts in raising pledges!


Aya Bispham

Maki Bispham

Jordan Fredrickson

Victoria Ha

Courtney Hughes

Robert Hughes

Alyssa Hulse

McKenna Hulse

Alex Kabacy

Taylor Kabacy

Colin Malnory

Jamie McDonald

Sophia McDonald

Marissa Meyer

Drew Miller

Maddy Nesbitt

Zach Nesbitt

Casey Nguyen

Emily Nguyen

Michaela Robins

Bree Ross

Maximus Sing

Jack Springer

Jewel Springer

Mary Vertetis


 If you did NOT participate, but wish to attend the sleepover, YOU CAN! Just donate $50 to the swim-a-thon, payable  to MRHA in the pool office, and you too can be part of the fun!  Don’t miss out on this end-of-the-season team event and celebration!


Questions? E-mail