FFHS renovation project - FCAST Update


Dear FCAST members,

I attended the FHS Renovation meeting at Frederick High last night (Sept 3) and there was some news I'd like to share. Beth Pasierb from FCPS Facilities Services explained that every option tha  FCPS considers in the FHS renovation plan will have a pool included  BUT the costs of the pool in each option would be calculated seperately so that the BOE will know how much each option costs with or without the pool. The idea that all options will include a pool is somewhat encouraging but we have to remain vigilant.

It was made clear last night that many people want FCPS to keep the FHS pool. Read the article in the Frederick News Post today.

A reporter from the Gazette reported this week that FCPS recieved over 60 emails from the swimming community about keeping the pool. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

We must continue to make our voices heard and advocate. FCPS has opened a survey that can be accessed at It will remain open until Sunday, September 16th. Please take the survey and ask them to include the pool in any option considered.  The real fight is going to be with getting the BOE to fund this but that will take some creativity. The encouraging news is that Mr. Barnes' office  has asked FCAST work with FCPS in the process.

I have included the press release following this email if you are interested.


Mark S. Kavanaugh
President, FCAST

Here is the press release: 

Take Our Survey

Frederick, MD (September 06, 2012) –  In its ongoing effort to engage the community and provide opportunities for input into Frederick High’s renovation/modernization project, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) invites the community to participate in an online survey.  The survey is designed to gather public sentiment about the current Frederick High building and site and to gather information about what the community would like to see addressed in this project.  The results of the survey will assist FCPS in developing options for the renovation/modernization project.
Ray Barnes, Executive Director of Facilities Services for FCPS, is encouraging the community to get engaged and stay engaged in this project. “We’re looking for participation from everyone, including parents, students, faculty, administration, neighbors and alumni.  We are especially interested in hearing from members of Frederick High’s feeder schools, particularly parents of students who are attending West Frederick and Crestwood Middle and Hillcrest, Lincoln, Orchard Grove, Parkway and Whittier Elementary.”
The survey can be accessed at and will remain open until midnight on Sunday, September 16.
The Frederick High modernization/renovation project is still in its earliest phases. The feasibility study is the first step in the Frederick High renovation/modernization project. The goal of the feasibility study is to develop renovation/modernization options for the Board of Education to consider. Community input is critical to that process. Thanks to an allocation received from the Supplementary Appropriation Fund during fiscal year (FY) 2012, FCPS was able to move this project forward a year in its Capital Improvement Program.  The design phase, originally slated for FY 2015, is now scheduled for FY 2014; construction is also scheduled to start a year early in 2016.  For more information about the project or about scheduled public events, please visit

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Media Reps:  For more info, please contact Beth Pasierb, FCPS Facilities Services, 301-644-5023,

or Michael Doerrer, FCPS Communication Services, 301-696-6900.