Annual General Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all members who attended the Annual Members Meeting on Saturday September 8. We had a great turnout and were able to enjoy the pool one last time, while getting some critcal business done.

We filled one committee position at the meeting for Communications, but are still looking for some more volunteers to fill the following positions:

Technology, Operations, Maintenance, Activities, Membership (committee chair/not a board position)

We have many of our current board retiring next year and would love to train those interested this year to ease the transition.  Consider contributing to your community this year!

Please find the minutes of the meeting attached or on the website.

Marine Hills Annual General Meeting

September 8, 2012


Members Present:  List Attached


Meeting called to order by President Darren McDonald at 1:37.  It was determined that a quorum was present with 21 voting members present and 4 proxies.  Managers, Jon Hiett and Joelle Meyer were in attendance as well.



PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Welcome and State of the Union


Darren reviewed the many successes we had this year from a maintenance perspective.  The filter pump sand was replaced at the beginning of the season at a lower than expected cost with hours donated by Jon and Darren to empty and replace.  This project should be done every 3-5 years.  We installed new roofs on the concession stand with the project led by Dean and Jay and assisted by other members in the spring.  We hope to do the second half next spring.  One heater blower was replaced and the other is scheduled for replacement next spring.  Orca has begun putting a comprehensive annual maintenance plan together for us and is willing to train key personnel on the board, management and membership.  If anyone is interested in being involved please contact Darren, we need more members to understand the operations of the pool.  Darren also took a few minutes to thank Jon and Joelle for the exceptional leadership this year and how wonderful they kept the pool looking all season.  It was a job well done!


On the membership front Darren reviewed that we had 89 full priced Family Members this year and we had 12 reduced (promotional) memberships that put us over 100 for the season!  We need about 120 members to be comfortable and be able to build a capital fund that helps us deal with bigger maintenance issues.  Members were encouraged to recruit their friends and neighbors for next season so we can grow by 20 more memberships.


Our teams and programs had a great year in 2012.  We reached 100 swim team members this year thanks to the buzz that the All-City title earned us, the hard work of our coaches, and with thanks to Cristi for promotions in the Mirror, on Facebook and on Dash Point!  Water Polo also added a few members and did a great job winning Southern’s!                                   Tennis didn’t get started until July 6 but the program was revived this year by Kermit.  We are looking for creative ways to expand the program next year and fix the courts.  We hope to open the Tennis season much earlier.





Darren distributed the attached financials and proposed budget.

Just prior to the meeting we received a letter forgiving a fine from the IRS for approximately $4500.  You will see handmade corrections are on the budget reflecting that good news.  Our Treasurer Judy has corrected 3 years worth of taxes and paid the taxes due with interest in some cases, so our books are in much better condition.  This fine was for a late filing from years past and we were able to demonstrate how we have corrected our books and developed audits and process to ensure it does not happen again.


There was a question from the floor about the Spray Park donations and if they could be spent on repairing the tennis courts.  The answer was that those funds are segregated and were specifically donated for the spray park so cannot be spent on other projects. 


Another question about when we can begin work on the spray park.  We were hopeful to start in September but Orca is asking that we have $18,000 raised before they will get the engineering work turned on as they would like to be paid in a timely fashion.  We currently have just less than $11,000 with the $4,000 that Orca will donate to the project.  So we need to determine how to raise the additional $7000 we need.




The board made a motion to raise dues to $475 + tax on a Family Membership for the 2013 season reflecting a $20 increase.  The social membership would increase $10.


Discussion:  Important to keep below the $500 price point for recruiting new families.  Some members would like to see that number include tax, but understood the increasing costs we are facing as chemicals, etc increase in price.


VOTE:  20 votes in favor by show of hands, 4 opposed.  Motion Carried


The board proposed changes in maintenance hours per member next year. We will need to increase the hours required from 5 to 10 hours covering increasing amounts of maintenance that the pool needs.


Discussion:  A suggestion was made that we make more opportunities available for families to fulfill their maintenance requirements and some ideas were generated of posting jobs in the office and on the web site and let families sign up during the year.


VOTE:  20 votes in favor by show of hands, 0 opposed.  4 abstained.  Motion Carried



The board motioned that the changes as presented to the Bylaws be accepted.  There were many formatting changes and restructuring clauses for easier interpretation.  Active member is clarified and renamed Family Member.  Certificates are obsolete so removed verbiage about certificates.  A tennis membership is added which would be like a Family membership but not have access to the pool or upper deck.  Rather they would have access to the Tennis courts and locker rooms.  The board will work at determining fees and final structure once more details are in place.



·         Concerns about insurance with Tennis membership – this needs to be clarified with our broker

·         TL doesn’t have outside courts, we may be able to draw from their membership

·         Clarification that Kermit had input to our plans to date

·         Suggestion that we allow limited access to the pool so that Tennis members could become full Family Members when they see how great it is.

VOTE:  20 voted in favor by show of hands, 0 opposed, 4 abstained.  Motion Carried.




Prudence Johnson was nominated from the floor to take the Committee Chair role for Communications which was vacant.  Prudence accepted the position.


We still have open board positions in the following areas;  Maintenance, Activities, Operations, Membership and Technology.  Anyone interested please contact any current board member.  We are happy to train new members this year as many of us will be retiring at the end of the 2013 season.


Items from the Floor:  None


Fundraising:  2012 Gala was a huge success, but to continue to create excitement for 2013 we will be pursuing a Casino Night to celebrate our 50th and raise much needed funds for the pool.  If you can help in any way please contact Jennifer Kabacy at .


Holiday Greenery forms were distributed.  If each member buys one wreathwe can raise over $2000 for the pool.  Look on ourweb site for order forms today!!


Thank You’s


Tracy presented Jon and Joelle with a token of appreciation from the board members for the hard work this season and all the countless volunteer hours they contributed.  Accolades from the floor were also received. 


A special thanks was also sent out to Darren McDonald who not only is leading a successful team in running the pool, he has spent countless hours cutting down trees and shoveling sewage to ensure the pool could be enjoyed by all.  Thank you Darren!


Thanks to all members who came out to voice their opinions and support the board on the journey to our 50th Year in operation!!


Meeting adjourned at 3:34pm.


Thanks to those families that were able to assist with closing up the pool this last Saturday. 

Please check out the Holiday Greenery Fundraiser as this is the current promotion for Fundraising for the pool!