Excitement at our 1st PEP Relay Day

Over 160 swimmers participated in the Jakarta Aquadragons 1st PEP Relay Day! Yellow Aquadragon T-shirts were distributed to all competitors and our first Team Photo of the 2012/2013 Season was taken on the hill overlooking the Cilandak pool.

To start the Relay Day, an attempt to break the existing 4 x 200m Freestyle Record was made by our 13-14 year old and 15-16 year old Girls and Boys. Congratulations to the Girls' 15-16 yo team of Maggie McGuffee, Meggi Varnai, Jenna Cordisco and Jenni Salli who now own the record with a time of 10:28.32! Also, Congratulations go to the Boys' 13-14 yo team of Tariq Bethune, Bjorn Berntsen, Sean Hoang and Arief Rowe who are now the record holders with a time of 9:27.23! Close but now quite enough, the Girls' 13-14 yo team came within 1.49 seconds and the Boys' 15-16 yo team came within 0.57 seconds!!

Led by the following Coach/Captain combinations:

Team 1       Coach Rohim - Captains Kelly Arifin and Maggie McGuffee

Team 2       Coach Indra - Captains Bjorn Berntsen and Nirhan Nurjadin

Team 3       Coach Renni - Captains Tariq Bethune and Lina Nesteroff

Team 4       Coach Berman - Captains Jenna Cordisco and Arief Rowe

Team 5       Coach Arif - Captains Deandra Djunaedi and Jason Farial

Team 6       Coach Kim - Captains Sean Hoang and Jenni Salli

Team 7       Coach Max - Captains Jee Ooung Hong and Kate Pattarawimon

Team 8       Coach Rina - Captains Meggi Varnai and Parker Hughes 

......Eight teams of 20-plus swimmers competed in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Kickboard, Noodle and Innertube Relay races to the delight of the cheering crowd of family and friends. Although the top 3 teams received T-shirt prizes, all of the swimmers came away on the day as winners! 

The PEP Relays ended with a Team Versus Coach 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relay Challenge. The Coaches were ahead for the first 175m but youth prevailed as the Platinum group team (Bjorn Berntsen, Jason Farial, Tariq Bethune and Jee Ooung Hong) out-touched the Coaches' team (Coach Max with a stunning 25.60 second 50m swim, Coach Berman, Coach Indra and Coach Arif) with a time of 1:51.42, just 0.69 seconds ahead of their coaches!

Many thanks to all the Coaches and Team Captains for making the day such a big success. And EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to our Merchandise Team of Suzy Cordisco, Torill Olufsen, Janelle Hughes and Kelly Caron for selling merchandise and taking over the registration as well!! And EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS ALSO to our Social Events Team of Tuty Bergin, Christie Fisher, Michelle Marshall, Felicita Tasi, and Nani Tan for supplying all our hungry swimmers and siblings with a much needed lunch after a hard day at the pool! We could not hold events such as these without the help of our wonderful Parent Volunteers! 

Pizza, Juice, Fruit and Cupcakes rounded out the day and everyone went home tired, full and happy!