Nutrition Clinics Scheduled October 17th

The principles of healthy eating are the same for everyone; however, the nutritional needs of competitive swimmers can be different from other kids in their peer group.  Good nutrition is needed to support a child’s health, growth and development, as well as performance. Appropriate nutrition will help the younger athlete to sustain better performance for longer, stay mentally alert and recover more quickly from training and competition.  PTSC would like to assist both swimmers and parents in making good nutritional choices by hosting nutrition clinics on Wednesday, October 17th.  We strongly encourage everyone to make their best effort to attend.  These meetings will be held in the LGI room at the PT High School (across from library).  Times are as follows:

  • 9th grade and up from 5:30-6:30 pm (swimmers and parents) – bring food log
  • Ages 10-14 from 6:30-7:30 pm (swimmers and parents)
  • Ages 9 and under from 7:30-8:30 (swimmers and parents)

Practice will be modified on Wednesday to accommodate the clinics:

  • Nationals - normal
  • Mako and Orca 5-6:15 pm
  • Piranha and Dolphin 6:15-7:20 (extended practice for Piranha)

The speaker will be Nettie Puglisi Freshour who currently serves as consulting dietitian for the WVU athletic department. Freshour earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of science at West Virginia University in Human Nutrition and Foods.

Apart from serving as a member of the athletic department staff, Freshour works as a Dietitian/Program Coordinator for WVU’s Dining Services where she works not only with the student body to adapt healthier lifestyles, but also with the staff of Dining Services.

WVU’s Dining Services Wellness Program, headed by Freshour, was awarded a Gold Well Workplace by WELCOA (Well Councils of America) in the fall of 2006. Freshour is also an adjunct professor in the Nutrition department where she teaches an Introduction to Nutrition class as well as an Introduction to Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health class that she developed.

She is a member of the American and West Virginia Dietetic Associations, SCAN (Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionists), and NACUFS (National Association College, and University Food Services) in which she served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Nutrition Chair. Nettie is also a member of the West Virginia University President’s Student Wellness Taskforce, and the Student Recreational Center’s “Ask the Expert”.

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