Weekly News Updates


Practice is in full swing!


* Regular practice times Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.


* Adjusted practice schedule on Wednesday.  Silver and Blue 1 6:30-7:30pm; Blue 2 and White/Varsity 6:30-8:00pm.


* Swimmers in Blue 2, White, and Varsity should have gym clothes and sneakers for strength training and flexibility.  We will be doing this daily from 7:30-8:00pm for the above mentioned groups.


* Parent meeting this THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 AT 6PM!.  The meeting will be held in the high school lobby next to the cafeteria.  One member of each family must attend this informational meeting.


* Suit fitting will be on October 22-23 at the pool.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your practice time to try on suit sizes BEFORE getting in the water for practice.  Melissa Saylor will be going over the fitting and equipment details during Thursday's parent meeting.


* Entries are still being accepted for the WSY USA meet on Nov 10-11 and the CV AquaFest Invite on Nov 17.


* Our league dual meets have been confirmed and are posted in the "events" section of the web site.  You may begin signing up for these meets now up until each meet's entry deadline.


* The meet information for the Naylor Invite on December 2 is also posted.  Still waiting on the entry file and will let everyone know when that is open for online registration.


* For practice, swimmers should have swimsuits, goggles, swim cap (if hair extends beyond shoulder length), and water bottle.


* Locker room conduct:  Maintenance personnel at the high school have been informing me of unfortunate behavior in the boys' locker room.  The floors are being flooded and trash is being thrown around - including full chocolate milk containers.  I will be addressing this during practice sessions with the team, but I am asking for parents and family members to also remind their swimmers of proper conduct within the facility.  I also like to ask that 1) the single shower stall in the boys locker room NOT be used 2) no food or drink, other than water, be brought into or consumed in the locker room, 3) all valuables be locked in a locker during practice time, and 4) individuals avoid "horseplay" and use locker areas for their intended purpose.


* We have lots of new faces around the pool, from swimmers, to families, to coaches.  Please take the time to introduce yourselves to each other and encourage your swimmers to do the same.  We want all members, new and returning, to feel welcome and have a positive experience with our growing team!


* November 14 will be our 2nd annual Blue and White meet.  I'll go over details for this event at the Parent meeting.  Be sure to mark your calendar for this date!


* Has your swimmer done something exciting out of the water?  In the classroom or at other extra-curricular activities?  Send me the info as I'd like to post a monthly list of these achievements on our site recognizing our swimmers for their excellence outside of the pool.



Contact Coach Jeff with any questions.