Note from Treasurer

Hi Everyone -

I wanted to send a quick note out to let you know that I will no longer be working with CAST as of the end of February. I have been with the team as a parent and/or board member for almost 5 years and have enjoyed my time. In addition, I have made many friends among the parents on the team and my children have enjoyed the friendships they made as well.

My goal is a smooth transition to those who are replacing me. Jackie Nico will be taking over the basic treasurer functions (writing checks, etc) as of the end of February and Lanell will continue to help her with deposits as she has been doing for me. The remaining functions that I do will be given over to someone but I don’t know who that will be yet.

If I have been working with you personally on a particular issue, I will be in touch privately to go over what needs to be done for the transition to work effectively.

Thank you for everything you have given me and for the opportunity that I have had to be of service to you and your children.

Jennifer Hall
CAST Treasurer
(Original Post 02/17/09)


PS (02/18/09) - the web master functions that I have been doing will be taken over by Lynne Lazarr. So if you have missing equipment and want to send an e-mail out to the team, she is who you send the note to. If you can’t figure out where to look to find something on the website, she will be your contact person. If you are in charge of a particular event and need to send an e-mail out to the team, send it to her and it will get sent on. I will be training her over the next two weeks so feel free to copy both of us in the interim transition period.