Mentor Meet - Great Start to the New Swim Season!


Azot Senior Swimmers Mentor the 12&unders

to a Great Start of the New Swim Season!


It was a great start to the swim season for the Aquazot Swim team! The first meet was held at the Joint Forces Reserve Center in Seal Beach. Having the meet on the grounds where our brave men and women of the armed forces are stationed was quite an honor for all those who participated.  Moreover, the meet was notable for being a Mentoring Meet. The AZOT Senior swimmers took time to help out the younger swimmers in acclimating to their first meet. Many Senior swimmers came early to prep the younger swimmers on how to get through their first meet. It was very nice to observe the level of care that the Senior swimmers took in their instructions as well as providing a small snack for their younger colleague and giving enthusiastic cheers during their races.


The meet was a great success for the team! Swimmers improved and dropped their times throughout the 2 day meet. All the Aquazot Coaches were quite pleased with the efforts of all of the swimmers, which forecasts hard work and dedication throughout this swim season.


Meet Highlights by Head Age Group Coach – Kevin Potter


Zot Meet Highlights

Congratulations to all of the Zot swimmers that competed at the Seal
Beach BRW meet! Here are some of the performances that stood out in
the meet:

Dylan Jatwani dropping 19 seconds in the 100IM and getting a Red time
in the 25 Breast. Zara Masud successfully completing 25's in all four
strokes for the first time in a meet and achieving her first Red time
in the 25 Backstroke. Sacha Baniassad getting Red times in all of his
events. Joshua Chen getting time improvements in all os his events.
Yen Dang dropping a whopping 15 seconds in the 50 Butterfly.

Azot 3 Meet Highlights:

The Azot 3's collectively had an outstanding meet! Leora Rose dropped
in all of her freestyle events with the strongest performance coming
in the 100 free getting that elusive Spring JO time. Anna Wilde
dropped in all of her events with dropping a big 5 seconds in the
100IM. Taelyn Roberts-Oliver had big time improvements in the 200
Free (5 seconds) and 200IM (9 seconds) and posted impressive
performances in the 200 Back and 200 Breast swimming them for the
first time. Aaron Huynh qualified for the December invite in 6 of his
8 events and had a big 4 second drop in the 100 butterfly. Jason
shined in the 500 Free dropping 17 seconds and dropping in
his breastroke and backstroke events. Robert Hwang dropped 20 seconds
in the 200 Breast and 7 seconds in the 100 Breast receiving another
December Invite time. Shin Takahashi did a great job in the 50
Butterfly and 200 Backstroke. Caleb Park added 7 more December Invite
times to his resume with outstanding performances in the 50 Back, 100
Back,and 100 Free. Brandon Getter dropped 11 seconds in the 200 Free,
5 seconds in the 100 Breast and showed extreme toughness in swimming
the 200 Butterfly for the first time. Ethan Vovan dropped a big 5.5
seconds in the 50 Breaststroke and got a Blue time in the 200IM
swimming that event for the first time. Ethan Kim got his first
December Invite times this meet achieving the time standard in the 50
and 100 Breast. Congratulations to all Azot 3 swimmers! GO AZOT!!!


Here are the following swimmers who finished in the top 8 of their respective divisions and age group. Congratulations and good work!





5-6       Free- Zara Masud

Breast- Zara Masud


7-8       Free- Sage McClung, Lauren Zhou, Kate Watson, Yi Li,

Back- Yi Li, Lauren Zhou, Yen Dang, Millie Batra, Sage McClung

Breast- Yen Dang, Lauren Zhou, Millie Batra, Kate Watson

Fly- Sage McClung, Kate Watson, Yen Dang,

Lauren Zhou


5-10     Free- Stephanie Lin, Joy Chen, Leora Rose, Kelly White

            Back- Stephanie Lin, An Dang,

Breast- Anna Wilde, Leora Rose, Yi Li, Sarah Sharifi, Joy Chen, Haley Do, Kristina Yan

Fly- Haley Do

IM- Leora Rose, Anna Wilde, Kristina Yan


11-12   Free- Nancy Zhu, Claire Jang, Angela Yan, Sydney Okubo, Taelyn Roberts-Oliver

            Back- Nancy Zhu, Claire Jang, Sydney Okubo, Ruthie Cobian, Angela Yan

            Breast- Nancy Zhu, Ruthie Cobian, Katelin Ayayo, Maye Andarza, Angela Yan, Taelyn


Fly- Nancy Zhu, Angela Yan, Maye Andarza, Ruthie Cobian, Sydney Okubo



IM- Nancy Zhu, Ruthie Cobian, Claire Jang,Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, Claire Jang,

Maye Andarza,



13&O   Free- Breana Buccheri, Kate Krolikowski, Mia Viloria, Sarah Bauerlein, Veronica Dang

                        Camila Vincent, Nicole Lin, Gabbie Brown

            Back- Annie Tran, Veronica Dang, Kate Krolikowski, Mia Viloria, Katherine Young

            Breast- Amy Visarutanun,Breana Buccheri

            Fly- Annie Tran, Amy Visarutanun, Kate Krolikowski, Nicole Larson

            IM- Annie Tran, Sarah Bauerlein, Breana Buccheri, Mia Viloria, Nicole Lin,

Gabbie Brown,Katherine Young





7-8       Free- Sacha Baniassad

Back- Dylan Jatwani, Sacha Baniassad

Fly- Joshua Chen,

IM- Dylan Jatwani


5-10     Free- Ethan Messer, Bryce Do, Koa McClung, Timothy Lee, Jake Kubichek

            Back- Ethan Messer, Koa McClung, Timothy Lee

            Breast- Koa McClung, Timothy Lee, Hunter Kroll

            IM- Ethan Messer, Koa McClung, Timothy Lee, Hunter Kroll


11-12   Free- Matthew Lee, Aaron Huynh, Robert Hwang, Ethan Kim, Shin Takahashi

                        Ethan Vovan, Jonah Dewing, Malcomb McClung, Dang Long, Caleb Park

                        Evan Juan, Jason Schreiber, Brandon Getter

            Back-   Ethan Vovan, Ethan Kim, Jonah Dewing, Caleb Park, Evan Juan,

Jason Schreiber, Vahan Vorperian, Daniel Chun

Breast- Dang Long, Ethan Kim, Jonah Dewing, Ethan Vovan, Jason Schreiber

            Ethan Kim, Brandon Getter, Malcolm McClung, Ryan Kim, Nick Liu, Daniel Chun

Fly- Jason Schreiber, Shin Takahashi, Ethan Kim, Jonah Dewing, Malcomb McClung,

            Matthew Lee, Jason Schreiber, Robert Hwang, Brandon Getter, Ryan Kim,

            Vahan Vorperian

IM- Matthew Lee, Ethan Kim, Wyatt Genc, Jonah Dewing, Ethan Vovan,

Malcomb McClung, Daniel Yoo, Ryan Kim, Jason Schreiber


13&O   Free- Samuel Lee, Jack Lucero, Devon Gavigan, David Hwang, Zach Lebovic,

                        John M William, Mike Lind, Pilan Scruggs, Chris Havton, Kallen Kao,

                        Aaron Ewry, Jon Havton, Mark Mulder

            Back- Danny Tran, Jon Havton, Kyle Kao, Kallen Kao. John Williams, Mike Lind

                        Kyle Kao, Sean Messer

            Breast- Samuel Lee, Jon Havton, Jack Lucero, Tien Dang, David Hwang,

                        Sean Messer, Aaron Ewry, John Williams, Matthew Wong, Mark Mulder

            Fly- Samuel Lee, Tyler Lin, Chris Havton, John Williams, Mike Lind, Kyle Kao,

                        Sheldon Ho


IM- Matthew Wong, Danny Tran, David Hwang, Pilan Scruggs, Aaron Ewry,

                        John Williams, Jon Havton, Alex Havton