Pumpkin 400 Rivalries and Battles for the Ulitimate Prize!

Annual Pumpkin 400

Oct 30, 2012

There was no shortage of drama in this year's Pumpkin 400, an annual Bellevue Club Swim Team fan favorite. Rivalries were renewed as the battle for the ultimate prize (a Pumpkin pie) created the motivation for some epic races.

 The Eleven year old girls and the 12 year old boy’s races offered the most drama.  In the 11 year old category Paloma Baca emerged victorious, fending off Pumpkin 400 newcomers Alice Decoteau and Mari Nielsen by just one second.  In the boys 12 year old division Ivan Graham, Alex Elizarov, and Henry Lucco duked it out for 350 meters before Mr. Graham pulled ahead on the final 50 for the “W”. 

Familiar faces littered the Pumpkin 400 award ceremonies. Repeating in their Pumpkin 400 glory as champions from last year were Courtney Cross, Kaitlyn Girotto, Matthew Kwon, Kevin Sato, Finn Heneghan, Vlad Elizarov, Abigail Paxton, Aaron Elhajj, Kalena Laurent, and Big Ed Switaj.  Some familiar faces who were conspicuously absent from this year’s festivities were Pumpkin 400 veterans such as David Stanchi, Kaz Badiozamani, and coaches Andrew Nguyen, and Brett Bogachus.  We await a comeback in 2013.

Congratulations to all on some truly great swims, and big time drops.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped out.  Thank you especially to Colleen Pana for her work as Meet Director, and to Peter Keane, who served as Meet Referee. 


 Pumpkin Pie Winners/Biggest Time Drop

6 and Under:

Pumpkin Pie Winners: Lily Siripipat, Dylan Doan

7 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners: Kaitlin Girotto, Nate Whitty

8 years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:Courtney Cross, Matthew Kwon

Biggest Time Drops:  Courtney Cross (-63.60), Matthew Kwon (-154.81)

9 years:

Pumpkin Winners:  Amelia Girotto, Kevin Sato

Biggest Time Drops:  Gihoe Seo (-103.57), Alex Harrison (84.32)

10 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Maithili Patel, Finn Heneghan

Biggest Time Drops:  Linnea Luthra (-98.59), Ethan Tan (-101.44)

11 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Paloma Baca, Vlad Elizarov

Biggest Time Drops:  Paloma Baca (-64.63), Philip Wang (-162.65)

12 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Ellie Williams, Ivan Graham

Biggest Time Drops:  Sarah Smith (-58.09), Peter Wang (-180.40)

13 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Abigail Paxton, Ryan Kinnear

Biggest Time Drops:  Kate Dash (-125.03), Andrew Boden (-40.63)

14 Years:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Elisa Fang, Aaron Elhajj

Biggest Time Drops:  Kennedy Elhajj (-16.14), Dan Prang (-31.82)

15-18 Years

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Kalena Laurent, Ed Kim

Biggest Time Drops:  Kalena Laurent (-7.64), Morgan Ciliv (-40.72)

19 and Over:

Pumpkin Pie Winners:  Elizabeth Lucco, Big Ed Switaj

Biggest Time Drops:  Jennifer Farinas (-1.09), Todd Doherty (-10.15)