Haley Do & Colton Quick - Dec Invite Times at BREA Meet!



Congrats to all Aquazot swimmers who finished top 8 in this meet!

Notes from Brea Meet from Coach Jacqueline and Winner:

Both Azot 1 and 2 had an awesome meet with every swimmer dropping at least 2-5 seconds off their times in different events!  There were multiple swimmers with jumps to new time standards including red, blue and invite times.  Haley Do received her first December Invite time in the 100 breaststroke.  After returning from summer league, Colton Quick also received his December invite times in multiple events including the 50 free.  Coach Jacqueline and Coach Winner are very proud of how their swimmers are doing and can’t wait to see what the next meet brings!





7-8       Free- Millie Batra, Lauren Zhao,

Back- Millie Batra, Laruren Zhao

Breast- Millie Batra, Yining Li, Lauren Zhao

Fly- Yining Li, Millie Batra, Cian Long

IM – Lauren Zhao, Yining Li 


5-10     Free- Anna Wilde, Stephanie Lin, Kelly White

            Back- Leora Rose, Yi Ann Li

Breast- Leora Rose, Stephanie Lin, Haley Do, Anna Wilde

Fly- Leora Rose, Stephanie Lie, Yi Ann Li

IM- Leora Rose, Anna Wilde, Stephanie Lin


11-12   Free- Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, Ruthie Cobian, Claire Jang, Nancy Zhu

            Back- Nancy Zhu, Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, Ruthie Cobian, Meherzeen Engineer

            Breast- Meherzeen Engineer, Nancy Zhu, Maye Andarza, Taelyn

Roberts-Oliver, Julia Hahn

Fly- Nancy Zhu, Maye Andarza, Taelyn Roberts-Oliver


IM- Taelyn Roberts-Oliver, Claire Jang, Meherzeen Engineer, Jessica Ahn


13&O   Free- Syndey Okubo, Isis Choi, Casey Cunningham, Joyce Yang

            Back- Isis Choi, Gabbie Brown, Anne Jang, Joyce Yang, Sydney Okubo, Amy Visarutanun

            Breast- Sydney Okubo, Amy Visarutanun

            Fly- Sydney Okubo, Joyce Yang, Kate Krolikowski

            IM- Sydney Okubo, Joyce Yang, Casey Cunningham, Gabbie Brown, Amy Visarutanun




7-8       Free- Colton Quick

Back- Colton Quick

Fly- Colton Quick

IM- Colton Quick


5-10     Free- Hunter Kroll , Ethan Messer, Bryce Do

            Back- Bryce Do, Hunter Kroll

            Breast- Hunter Kroll

            Fly - Ethan Messer, Hunter Kroll


11-12   Free- Henry Wilde, Aaron Huynh

            Back-   Henry Wilde, Aaron Huynh, Wyatt Genc, Caleb Park

Breast- Jason Schreiber, Caleb Park, Shin Takahashi

Fly- Henry Wilde, Aaron Huynh, Brandon Getter

IM- Caleb Park, Aaron Huynh,  Wyatt Genc,


13&O   Free- Peter Zhu, Matthew Lee, Ryan Do, Danny Yos, Jon Havton, Mark Mulder, Jonathan Lee, Ryan Dale, Chris Havton

            Back- Jon Havton, Matthew Lee, Mark Mulder, Sheldon Ho, Nathan Yos, Chris Havton, Devon Gavigan

            Breast- Mark Mulder, Alex Havton, Sheldon Ho, Austin Yan, Matthew Lee, Chris Havton, Devon Gavigan

            Fly- Danny Yos, Peter Zhu, Mark Mulder, Nathan Yos, Ryan Do, Matthew Lee, Alex Havton, Chris Havton, Jonathan Lee

            IM- Jon Havton, Peter Zhu, Matthew Lee, Nathan Yos, Sheldon Ho, Danny Yos, Alex Havton, Jonathan Lee, Chris Havton, Steven Yang, Devon Gavigan, Ryan Dale