Dudley's Bread Fundraiser

Here is another reminder for our annual Dudley’s Bread Fundraiser.

Reminder: All bread orders are due no later than Friday, March 13.

Please take note that the bread pick-up date is now Thursday, March 19. It was switched one day earlier, so that orders, if need be, can be delivered to a parent’s work place the very next day.

In addition, we still need more drivers to go up to Julian to get the bread on the morning of March 19.  This important job needs to be done in order for this fundraiser to be successful!  Please go to the Job Sign Up page to sign up if you can volunteer to drive up to Julian.  We need help borrowing bread racks from grocery stores too.

Dudley’s is one of the fundraising opportunities to help CAST. As communicated in the last fundraising e-mail, you are not required to participate in this fundraiser. It is one of several options in order to meet the annual $200 for one child or $350 for multiple children policy. Selling bread is an easy way to meet this goal!

If you have questions about this fundraiser, contact Joan Wolfson at

Coach AJ