As most of you are aware, the Kroc center is shutting down for repairs ---pool resurfacing and pump room maintainence---

The Shutdown will last at least from Dec 10- Jan 10th. (more likely Jan 15th). The longest shutdown in the 10 years we've been using the pool ---prior to this was 9 days last January, and longest before that was 3 days. So, for those of you who are fairly new to the team, this is not normal or recurring.

Please bear with us during this time. I have tried to do all I can to find pool time that is as early as I could find available, and fairly consistant.  the schedule is now posted on the website under practice schedule.

SDSU is the SDSU Aquaplex pool that N-through level 2 will be using this from dec 10 - 18th

HLX is helix high school -- most groups are using from the 19th - 5th

Mont is Montgomery Middle school -- for level 5 dec 10-11-12-17 and 18. across the street from Granite hills HS

MVHS is Monte Vista High school --- off of HWY 94 level 3 dec 10-11-12-13-17-18

MMHS is Mount Miguel HS used on Friday 14th for level 3-5

TBA---there are still quite a few TBA's so check your e-mail and the website for updates.

I know this is particularly difficult for families with kids who will be at different pools. let me know if you would like to look for carpools, and tell me where you are coming from and what level and I will do my best to put the word out for you.

Thanks for your help and underrstanding!

Coach Dave