Day 2 - Junior Nationals - recap




Day 2 at Junior nationals....

Prelims....Tommy Anderson continued to swim fast, dropping 3.7 seconds off of his 400IM and qualifying 3rd or tonights finals. (webcast on this page:      scoll to the box and click on the line that says Fridays finals. ) His 400IM should be somewhere between 6:00 and 6:10 here (so that's 3:00 - 3:10 san diego time). He also qualified 19th in the 200 free and will be swimming in the B consols in that ---don't know what time yet.

Oh- yeah- so Tommy dropped .7 in the 200 free as well, and Sarah dropped .5 in her 100 fly.

Tuesday Finals: Tommy dropped another second in the 400 IM breadking another all-time San Diego record with a 4:50.68. He finished 5th. In his 200 free he dropped another .4 and went 1:40.07 narrowly missing the team record of 1:39.99. So far he's had 8 swims - 7 best times. Sarah has had 2 swims - 2 bests.

Tomorrow Tommy has the 200 back and 200 fly. Sarah has the 200 Fly and the 1650 Free.

Remember pool change next week - see schedule online.