SAC Updates

* Congratulations to our swimmers who put up a tremendous fight in squeaking out Saturday's 550-511 victory over Gettysburg.  While it was disappointing to have only 64% of our team present at the meet, the 70 swimmers who competed gave 100% of their effort with many swimmers stepping into new/different events to fill out the holes in our lineup.  New relay combinations meshed very well together and it seemed every race had 3-4 team members at the end of our lanes cheering on our swimmers.  Our kids did a fantastic job closing races as a majority of close finishes went in our favor.  As always, thank you to our amazing parent volunteers for your contributions in keeping the meet organized and smooth throughout.  The meet results have been posted to everyone's respective accounts.


* Practice this week:  Practices run at regular times everyday this week except for Tuesday.  We will NOT have practice on Tuesday as I am away at a high school meet.


* Re-aligned practice groups: Following this Saturday's meet at Big Spring, I will be moving some swimmers up into new practice groups for the remainder of the season.  Families impacted by the changes will be emailed with all of the necessary details.  There will be a number of swimmers moved up, and some will be moved down.  This is being done to better organize our groups based on athlete development, to improve lane space across all groups, and to enhance our coaches' opportunities to offer balanced instruction and feedback for each group.


* I sent an email to families participating in Sunday's WSY USA meet regarding some changes to the meet organization that impact our swimmers.  Be sure to read over these changes and let me know if you have questions on this information.


* Our next dual meet will be this Saturday, January 12 against rival Big Spring.  The meet will be held at Big Spring High School and swimmers are to be dressed for attendance and warm-ups NO LATER than 8:15am.  The meet will begin at 9am.  

* A note on meet attendance: The swimmers at the Gettysburg meet learned how valuable every member of our team is in competition and the challenges that arise when we are not at full strength.  Currently, we only have 75 out of 110 team members signed up for this Saturday's meet at Big Spring.  The coaches are aware that illness, travel, and family commitments do arise, but believe we can do better in terms of our overall meet attendance.  Even if we have 109/110, we still will not be as strong as we could be.  Please commit to the continued growth and strength of this team by being there for the team when we need each and every one of the 110 the most!  I'm probably stealing this from Yogi Berra (and if not, I'll copyright it!), but we need the team to be a team.  A half-hearted commitment to our team when it comes to meets is not a commitment at all.  If you have yet to attend a meet, I ask you to either join us now and compete or allow us to focus our attention on the many who have shown the commitment to our team's progress.  We’ve got a great program, with great people, with great potential.  Together, we can maximize that potential.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see a greater turnout from our teammates at the rest of our meets!


* Information has been posted and emailed for the WSY 9 & Under Valentine Invitational.  The deadline to enter this meet is January 21, and is open to all of our 9 & under swimmers.


* CYA USA meet entrants: Please double-check your entries.  Remember, this is a two-day meet on Jan 26 & 27.  Make sure you have entered your swimmer in the proper events based on the day, session, and age group.  If you have questions please contact me.


* Get those swim-a-thon sponsors!!!  Let's see the lane line on our home page fill in quickly!  We're off to a great start so keep up the great work!!!


Thanks and we'll see you at the pool!!!


Coach Jeff