Registration is Open!

Happy New Year from LVST!

Registration for the Lucas Valley Swim Team 2013 Season is now OPEN at ! We’re looking forward to spring's arrival so we can see both new and returning families on deck. Between our new assistant coaches to round out the Lightning Coaching Staff, the new web site featuring easy-to-use on deck mobile apps, plus new social events planned, we've got a lot to look forward to this season!

Save the date for February 8th, our season kickoff event at the LVCC. You'll be able to meet Jenny and Lea, welcome Jack back with a warm hug or high five, see old friends, welcome new friends to the team, and enjoy something delicious to eat and drink (more on that later).

Before you register a couple of notes to review.

1.   You will first need to confirm your family account on our new web site. You will be prompted to review your family information (ported over from the previous site) and choose a new password.

2.   Please log in with the email address at which you received this message. That is your default username on the new site.

3.   If you need to make a change to your default email address, please contact us using the "contact us" button on the left side of the site or by emailing us We can change it for you and then you can get started.

On the home page of the site, you'll see an "Online Registration" button next to the photo carousel. Click there to get started, and please let us know if you have any questions before finalizing your family’s swim team registration.

  • You will be prompted to select registration groups by payment method. This accounts for the additional 2.95% fee added on to all credit card transactions. Fees for payments by check are lower, as listed.
  • Please choose the non-LVHA homeowner fee if you are not a current Lucas Valley Homeowner Association member (highlighted in the registration process).
  • Please select the one-per-family 8 & Under discount ONLY if you have a swimmer who is starting the swim season as an 8 & Under.
  • Important to note: The non-LVHA homeowner fee and any multi-swimmer/8& Under discounts you qualify for (as described on the first page of registration) will appear prior to final submission and again on your emailed registration confirmation.

Thanks for being a part of this very special team, which has been a valuable part of this community for over 40 years!

The LVST Board of Directors