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Nome Swim Meet & Other News


Hello All
    The Nome trip almost happened. We were one short. Next year we can start planning it sooner because people were really very interested in going. Tracy Lammers has volunteered to head a committee to help plan this. She mentioned  adding on one additional sight seeing day in Nome which would be cool.
    Everything is either in Fairbanks or on its way I believe for NA Champs. I made a decision this year to not order any tshirts for this meet. We have so many shirts/caps/scarves left over from past events that I am pulling everything up and we will just give it away during the meet. What is left over will be donated to a charity. If someone has a specific charity that believes would benefit from these items let me know. The back area needs to be cleared out anyway so this is a good first step. I know we have one swimmer coming up from Anchorage.
  Here is a reminder as to what awards will be issued:  Not every team will have swimmers for each category. That is OK!
  Future Stars: 8 & U, 9/10,/11/12, 13/14, 15 & O Boys and girls 1 per category. per team
  Stellar Moves: swimmer who is consistantly considerate and helpful 1 per team
  Big Dipper: swimmer who consistantly reaches way down deep to finish strong and hard on challenging sets and or races 1 per team
  Nova Award: All around complete swimmer they are fast and hard working 1 per team
  Super Star Award: This is an area award which is not given every year. This year I would like to give it to Keegan Severns who has competed in 2 Junior National Meets!
I am looking for someone who is familiar with word publisher (or what ever program is needed) to make our awards certificate. Maria Bray if you and Kathy can do it this year great! If not, we will put word out to the teams looking for volunteer(s) to do this. Coaches please think about your award recipients so we can have the list soon and the certificates can be made.
Thank you everyone and I hope all the swimmers competeing this weekend in Sectionals and NCAA meets do great!