SAC Updates

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I am really glad I didn't make any crazy wagers with Katie Carbaugh, Colby and Brandon Estep, or any other of our team's Ravens fans!


I am going to be away Monday-Wednesday due to high school swimming and diving championship meets and meetings.  Only Monday will see an adjusted practice schedule.  For any questions, please call, email, or text me, or see a member of the coaching staff at practice.


* PRACTICE ADJUSTMENT TONIGHT:  Silver remains 5:30-6:30, Blue 1 remains 6:30-7:30.  Blue 2 and White will swim 6:30-8:00 this evening.  Practice the remainder of the week will be regular times for all groups.


* GREAT MEET SATURDAY!:  We really had our work cut out for us against a very good East Penn team.  Although we came up short on the scoreboard, our kids were really working hard and had some outstanding swims throughout the meet.  One of our 8 & unders saw me in the grocery store over the weekend.  She ran over asking "Did we win? Did we win?"  I could see her expression sink when I told her no, but reminded her of how much she has improved and how proud I am of all of our swimmers for giving all they had to help the team.  Her demanor quickly changed back to being happy and upbeat as she bounced back to her dad.  It was very uplifting to see a young swimmer strive to win but still walk away smiling, knowing that both she and the team were successful because of their effort and commitment despite a loss going in the record books.  Our club is so fortunate to have kids that are complete class-acts and families who have instilled those characteristics in them.  I greatly appreciate everybody's contributions to another amazing regular season.  Let's get ready to make some magic happen this postseason!


* DIVISIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Will be held on Saturday, February 23 at Big Spring.  The meet will be held in two sessions with 10 & unders swimming in the morning and 11 & overs competing in the afteroon session.  ALL SHIP SWIMMERS who have competed in 3 CPAL dual meets will be entered in this meet.  There are no qualifying times for this championship meet.  This evening, you will receive an email with meet details and online entry instructions.  


* DIVISIONAL T-SHIRTS:  Attached is the t-shirt information and design for Divisionals.  If you would like to order a divisional t-shirt, please reply to this email with 1) Family Name 2) Swimmer Name 3) quantity and sizes.  Place a check for the shirt total in the Facchinei folder at the pool.  Email orders are due to me by Wednesday at 8:00pm.  Payment is due by Friday, February 8.  Make checks payable to "SAC" as we will then send one payment to Big Spring to cover our team's order.


* USA POSTSEASON:  All swimmers in Blue 2 and White will be eligible for USA Swimming Championship meets.  Junior Olympics, Regionals, Senior Champs, and Super Sectionals are meets that our swimmers will be attending based on qualifying standards.  All USA Swimming championship meet entry information will be posted and emailed to families on Wednesday.  The list of qualifiers for each meet will also be included and updated after CPAL and high school championship meets.




Coach Jeff