New "2-suit" rule

New Rule: one suit only, during competition.Some of you may be aware that USA swimming has adopted FINA's ruling on the wearing of multiple suits at competition. This came about because swimmers found out that suits like the LZR were designed to compress body parts for streamlining, while suits like the blue70 had a much lower drag coefficient, and some competitors figured out that they could wear a LZR under a blue70 and get the best of both.

Well - new rule: you can only wear one suit during USA swimming competitions. No extra drag suits, no double suits. . . It does have an exception that an, "athletic supporter" or single pair of breifs or bikini bottom can be worn to insure the "modesty and privacy" of the swimmer.

The intent is to subvert wearing two suits as an advantage. I have never seen this done. In fact, most swimmers wearing two suits are normally doing it for extra drag or because one has small tears or is see-through. I'm not sure how they (officials) are gonna handle this. See link for the rule interpretation from USA swimming. . .  1 suit rule for competition


12&Under suit rule: no full body suits...

Also going into effect in May. . . no swimmer in a 12&U competition may wear a suit past the knees. see link. . . 12&U suit rule.

For those of you wondering if you should go out and buy "one of those "FAST" suits for competition.First of all . . . 12&U's - definitely not!    As a general rule, I would say, if you are at Sectional level or above you can consider it. Otherwise, please do not purchase full body suits or expensive LZR suits for your swimmer. There are too many variables in technique and training that need to be addressed in "age group swimming" -we don't need kids thinking that all they need to do is buy a $500 suit and they're gonna be faster, and "why train".  If you have any questions, please ask me directly.