Coaches Message: 1st Day of 8 & Unders Practice


Dear LVST 8 & Under Parents,

Thank you for registering with LVST for the 2013 Season! Jenny, Lea, and I are looking forward to a very fun season and can’t wait to start working with your children. Please take time to read the message below regarding the first day of practice and 8 & Under groups.   

The first day of practice is this Monday, March 4th. Swimmers will need a swimsuit, goggles, a swim cap or hair tie (for swimmers with longer hair), a towel, and something warm to wear over their suit.

The first day of practice will be an evaluation day. Each 8 & under swimmer, one at a time, will be asked to swim freestyle with side breathing* across the width of the pool (approximately 12 yards). One coach will be in the water for safety purposes, while the other two coaches evaluate the swimmers. Each swimmer will be assigned a group and will be given a button to remind them what group to report to the next day. After each swimmer finishes their swim across the width of the pool, they are finished with practice for the first day. 

*Swim School (group lessons) will be available to those swimmers who may need assistance with water safety or are not quite ready for the Competitive Team. For safety reasons, to swim on the team your child has to be able to swim one lap of side breathing freestyle. Side breathing simply means that a swimmer knows how to turn their head to the side to breathe, as opposed to lifting their chin up to get a breath.

8&Unders practice from 4:00-4:30, or 4:00-4:45 depending on their group. We have three groups within our 8 & under practice – the Bolts, Fires, and Flashes. The Bolts and Fires practice until 4:45 and the Flashes get out at 4:30. 

Team merchandise will be available during and after practice. T&B Sports will be on deck and we will have team swim caps, towels, and hats available for purchase. 

Jenny, Lea, and I can’t wait to see everyone at the pool! 


Best Regards,

Coach Jack