BCST Swimmers Compete at Senior Sectionals!

  Bellevue Club S.T. Strong at Senior Sectionals


The BCST competed tough at the Annual sc Senior Sectional Championships, setting multiple BCST, Meet and PNS records and continuing the assault on personal best times.

995 swimmers, representing 139 teams from 11 states participated in the 5-day meet. By the end of the meet BC swimmers had picked up enough points to place 5th in the combined men’s and women’s team scoring, and the boys (men) placed 2nd overall in the men’s division. After 5-days of competing BC swimmers departed for home exhausted but rightfully pleased with themselves.  The swimmers showed time and again that they were ready for the meet. To fully understand why swimmers need to be in shape for these types of meets, there were those who had to race/compete 16 times.

For access to the results check out the BCST Website.

The attack on the record books started the first day and continued until the very last race of the meet on the fifth day.

Here’s a quick summary of the records beginning with the relays for the guys:

200 Free Relay:      2nd Pl. 1:23.75 new BCST record.  Open Division

D. Morris - M. Molnar - J. Longbotham - E. Hallowell. 

400 Free Relay:       1st Pl. 3:01.75 new BCST, PNS & Meet Record. Open Division

T. Davidson – J. Longbotham – E. Hallowell – K. Natyzak

400 Free Relay:       3rd Pl. 3:06.58 new PNS record boys age 17-18

          M. Molnar – A. Mooers – D. Morris – I. Fisk         

800 Free Relay:       1st Pl. 1.6:42.61 new BCST and Meet record.  Open Division

Fisk – J. Longbotham – E. Hallowell – K. Natyzak 

400 Medley Relay: 2nd Pl. 3:26.11 new BCST record.  Open Division

          E. Hallowell – D. Morris – K. Natyzak – T. Davidson

Individual BCST and PNS records were also established as Ethan Hallowell shocked the record books in four different events:

50 Free:        20.20            BCST and PNS records       15-16 age group

100 Free:      44.76            BCST record                     15-16 age group

200 Free:      1:38.04         BCST and PNS records       15-16 age group

100 Back:     44.91            BCST and PNS records       15-16 age group

The BCST overall swam great, especially considering that two and one-half weeks earlier many of the boys participated in their HS State Championships. Personal best times (PR’s) are always a goal at these meets, leading the way for the BCST were: Ethan Hallowell (6-6),   Keenan Natyzak (4-4), Matthew Wiens (5-6), Taylor Seidel (4-5) and Troy Davidson (2-2).

Congratulations to all the guys and girls who qualified for and participated so well in this meet! Let’s use the momentum from this meet to help all of us get off to a great start in the upcoming long course season. Congratulations!