Volunteer Sign Ups Open


Volunteer sign ups are now open.


To sign up for your 7 positions/family, log into your account, then go to the Events tab from anywhere on the site.


Under the Events tab, you'll see a listing of all events for the season. Select the events that you will be attending, and then click the job signup button.


Please select enough jobs to equal 7 points. Jot down the days/times/jobs you signed up for. Please note: times listed are a guide only. The Volunteer Coordinator will email you exact times before each event. For meets, you are signing up for a half of a meet in most cases: 1st half = first race through last backstroke race & 2nd half = first breaststroke race through last race.


If you need to find a sub for a job, please email at least 2 days before your event.


If you'd like to opt out of all of your jobs, you can pay an opt out fee of $400 for the season.


Reminder: each family will also need to fulfill one additional volunteer job at Champs.

To check your sign ups, follow these instructions:

How can a member view all jobs within a date range?

  1. Go to Events page
  2. Click the  Reports tab
  3. Click  Job Signup Report for "My Account"
  4. Set the date range and click  Search
  5. Click  Print Now if desired