Mercury Mandatory Parent Meeting Announced

Hi Everyone,

I would like to schedule a mandatory parent meeting for all MERC families; on Monday, March 25th @ 6:15pm in the Geneseo cafeteria, please make every effort to be there. During the meeting we will be discussing extremely important issues facing our club's future including, but not limited to the following: Zone's, summer scheduling, athlete development and progression, workouts, growing our coaching staff and facility needs. I know that in our "fluffy, bubble gum society" the word "mandatory" can frighten people or creates a stressful environment. Please understand that we're scheduling this meeting to create better communication between our wonderful families and the coaching staff. 

Our coaches are thrilled with the most successful short course yards season in the history of Mercury Swimming! We finished in 9th place overall at the Niagara LSC Championships, scoring even more points than we did last year with a total of 1,262! The way our athletes performed this season was truly remarkable. There's no doubt that we would have been a top 5 team with a complete MERC roster, however, we're thrilled with our swimmer's effort and the way they supported each other throughout the season. 

100% of the Mercury Athletes who are registered members of USA Swimming achieved over 5 lifetime best performances this season. 91.5% of Mercury Swimmers achieved 2 or more best times at the either the NCSA Junior National Championship or the Niagara LSC Championship meets this past week. As of 3/19/2013 we have 51 registered USA athletes. Out of that total number of competitive swimmers, 30 of them qualified for the Niagara LSC Championships (24 of them competed at the meet this year). That's just over 60% of our team that qualifies for the fastest meet in our LSC. That's truly a testament to the hard work and dedication of our athletes. 

Mercury Swimming is comprised of team members from the smallest counties in Niagara LSC. Our facilities include 4 main training locations, 2 of which are 5 lane pools. Today the new VCC scores (Virtual Club Championships) were officially released for short course yards 2012-2013. For the first time in the history of the club we are ranked in the top 800 clubs in the nation, with a national ranking of 791, scoring a total of 63,900 points. In 2010, Mercury had a VCC score of 23,000 points and was ranked 1,446 in the nation. We're making progress! It's important to remember that we're doing all of this with far less kids than most clubs. Clubs who have full time-salaried coaches, 10 lane 50-meter facilities and budgets that would make your head spin. 

I would strongly encourage all of our members (especially parents) to familiarize themselves with the IMX scoring program, VCC Championships, Individual Times Search, Individual Event Rank, Deck Pass & the Mercury Swimming Club Portal,all immediately available to YOU via the USA Swimming website. These are tool's that will help you effectively quantify your children's progression; much more adequately than comparing them to others, or making arbitrary judgments about where you think they should be in their career. 

USA Swimming is taking notice of your children's success! Beyond that, if you follow us on our many social media sites, you'd notice that coach Matt Kredich, the head coach of the University of Tennessee and 2008 & 2012 USA Olympic Team coach, congratulated Mercury on the team's many successes this season via twitter. 

We appreciate all of the support from our parents and families. We would not be successful without you. We would especially like to thank our board members Jerry & Evelyn LaRue, Frank Zitz, Monica Stewart, Rosetta Greaney and Tony Mosca. Mike Gregor, Doug Greaney, Frank and Tony all donate their time as USA Swimming Officials, those officials have helped us earn points toward club recognition! We would also like to thank Nikki Sargent, Jerry LaRue, John & Jennifer Ludlow, Doug Greaney, Jim Vogler and any other MERC parent that volunteered as a timer at the Niagara LSC Championships. 

With your continued support of our programs we will become the fastest, most successful, MOST FUN USA Swimming club in the LSC, The Eastern Zone and maybe someday....the nation. Think big, worry little, embody the Warrior Spirit. TRUST, COMMITMENT, BELIEF! 

All the best,




Coach Mike