Daffodil 11 over swimmer highlights


-As one of the fastest 12 year olds in the country Hannah Barker raced this meet with no extra rest knowing that bigger time drops would come at Regionals.  This was a great time to check in on progress, identify training needs, and make adjustments.

-Lillian Bryce is gaining experience at meets.  I’m always glad when she swims because I know that thunderous kick will go for the entire race.

-After qualifying for State Garrett Carson is back with ESC and is looking to maximize his potential.  It’s good to see Garrett leading his Team ensuring that we’re having fun and swimming fast. 

-You know Naomi Reyes is all in for ESC because she posted faster times in her relays than her individual swims. 

-Joseph Carson is a goal oriented swimmer.  His drive is consistent and so is his time drops.  He always shows up ready to shift into beast mode and this meet was fun to see Joseph in beast mode.  

-Everett Werner challenged for his spot on the A relay for years and got his chance at the Classic.  It’s good to see our training groups so competitive and then call each other for some pizza to hang out together after practice.     

-After steady practice attendance and consistent meet performances all season Cynthia Czikall is proving to be quite a racer. 

-Anya Dickinson-Cove has improved her attendance by over 25% and the results showed with a confident meet presence, stamina that finished races with great form, and time drops.  Well done! 

-Jessica Eidenmuller is back and racing faster than ever.  She’s one of the most fun swimmers to train with and one of the most competitive girls on the blocks.

-Sasha Friese is stepping in the right direction by signing up for 200’s at meets as an 11 year old.  Way to seek out the challenge! 

-Alex Hougan showed some great effort hanging onto an extended taper from a spectacular freshman year of swimming at the State Championship level.  He’s had the eye of the tiger lately so we’ll see some really fast times as he gets his man-body. 

-After spending some time in a swim camp together last summer it was great to see Danielle Johnson  showcase some new skills she learned over the fall and winter.   I see she has taken her talent to race 50’s and extended it to racing 200’s.    

-Kirsten Jones is starting to see what it’s like training and competing like a State Champ and PNS Champs swimmer.  This meet was a great way to prepare for that stage.

-Meets like this tend to bring out our best and Jen Kabat shared that her best race ever was at this meet.  I’m stoked to be part of a swimmer’s best race ever and I’m sure Coach Kelly will smile as she reads this being part of this session with Jen.   

-I can always count on Katherine Lane to show us better technique from meet to meet.  She does a great job of identifying what needs to be adjusted and works diligently to make herself a more efficient racer. 

-Alex Lin has been a great addition to the weight room training group and it seems to be doing great things for his swimming.  His starts are crazy fast and his strokes are that of a PNS Champs swimmer.  A lot of best times and ribbons to match. 

-As our best events take on smaller drops that’s the best time to start swimming other strokes.  It’s good to see Caitlyn Linton take on the challenge of making her breast stroke better.  Good time drop!  Keep it up and your IM will be even better! 

-Reviewing my meet notes I have note next to Chris Linton’s name that says race of the day.  Congratulate Roush as well.  These guys were stroke for stroke, eyeball to eyeball for the entire race.  Chris got the edge on this one

-Camden Martin is doing a great job with the 200’s of free and 100’s of stroke.  Watch out for that 50, she’s got some top end speed as well!

-Ben Matthews is progressing into a viable varsity option in the free and back races.  Don’t turn your back on his breast and fly because he’s developing those too.  It’s great to see Ben pushing his training, its showing in his time drops.

-Honor Middleton is quietly becoming a very fast sprinter.  A slow start turned into a powerful start that carries speed 15 yards down the pool before she even starts trying. 

-When it comes to Team leadership and motivation we gotta think Jenessa Schulte.  Not only does Jen keep the Team focused and fired up she trains and races with the focus of someone competing for State titles. 

-Tyler Sharpe is consistently dropping time with a work ethic at practice that is skills specific in his approach to identifying areas of improvement and then working until that weakness becomes strength.    

-The Daffodil Classic was a great time to see Michael Roush step up, yet again, and deliver some best times.  Champions take years to make and I can see Michael choosing to take the steps to have a very successful high school career.    

-Even with a heavy work load and no rest days leading into this meet Andrew Wright still had energy to carry more than his share of the Team’s scoring.  No rest and still sprinted like Cullen Jones.

-Alex Wright was still boasting a full training schedule swimming this meet looking to peak at Regionals.  We front loaded our work doing all our hard stuff on Monday-Thursday.  Rest Friday then race all weekend.

-Lacey Wright is one of our most dynamic new swimmers that takes training challenges applies those gained skills to her racing.  It’s not long until she’s on our PNS Champs Team.