8+Unders Championship 2013

 What a super meet the kids had. Everyone swam great;  Ella Carbone, Andreas Cosenza, Will and Sara Davi, Logan Figueroa, Ben Funk, Kiera Mroczka, Kelsey Mulieri, Kate O'Brien, Alex and Markos Prokopiou, Teagan Scanlon, and Amanda Urban. They all participated in the Championships and we had a BLAST! Our Pirates and Ship really rocked the pool. Coach Jamie's costume and enthusiasm really set the spirit. We almost won again. Jeremy was so awesome and stayed in pirate gear the whole meet! Great job Coaches!

 Special Thanks To Laura Baldassare for a great party and sweet costumes! You ROCK!!!! Super special thanks to Joe Davi for making our Pirate ship. It was the biggest hit at the meet. Carbone and Kate O'Brien were in the Top 5 finishers over all!