Last Call for Team Suits

Too Cold and Rainy to have thought about swim team?  Well we have to know it will be warm come June and get ready for swim season!

If you have not registered or placed your order for your team swim suit* (with LOGO) we have one more opportunity this Saturday from 8-10am- White Eagle Golf Club 3400 Club Drive (upstairs meeting room)

Registrations, fee payments, and waivers will be accepted at this event.

Our team orders for swim suits with LOGO, caps and tshirts will be placed after this event.  IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND AND NEED TO REGISTER AND/OR ORDER SUITS PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP SO WE CAN MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS FOR YOU.

*Team suits are the only required apparel item for team participation...latex caps and tshirts are included with registration fees.  All other desired apparel items can be ordered at  - use password 'pool'

We will be placing our team order for suits and caps following this registration and all registrations will be processed the following week and accounts will then be able to log on and sign up for jobs and meets.

ALL FAMILIES SHOULD HAVE, OR IF THEY ARE NEW HAVE RECENTLY RECEIVED, LOG ON INFORMATION OR THE ABILITY TO LOG ON AS YOU DID LAST YEAR.  This is required to sign up for job commitments and meets.  Please let me know if you do not know how to log in to the website for your family account.

Email with any questions

[email protected]

Go Warriors!!