Weekly Team Update

 We hope everyone had a nice spring break! 


Thunderthon (LVST version of a lap-a-thon) begins on Thursday, please be sure to sign up for a day to swim.  You will need to log into your family account on, click on the events and you will see two Thunderthons, one for Thursday and one for Friday. 

Please note there will not be regular practice on Thursday or Friday and you will sign your child up to swim either Thursday or Friday.  They will not swim both days.  If you child swims on Thursday, be sure to bring them to the pool to participate in the raffles and pizza.

On Friday, we will have a raffle for the tickets earned for laps with many winners.  Also, we will do the drawing for the BIG prize iPad Mini!  For every $25 you receive in donations, you will get a ticket for the big prize.

You can solicit donations through the website as well so make sure to set up your personalized web page and email to family and friends.  There will also be donation sheets on deck this week.  They are located in the front of the A-L family folder boxes on the lost and found shelves.

Start and Turn Clinic Sunday

This Sunday will conclude our swim clinics.  Jack, Jenny and Lea will be doing a Start and Turn Clinic.  For the 8 and Under group, you will be working on dives and race finishes and everyone else will work on flip turns in addition to the above dives and race finishes.

Signups are on the bulletin boards.

Upcoming events:

4/18 and 19 Thunderthon

4/21 Start and Turn Clinic

4/27 Time Trials

5/3 Pasta and Bingo Night

5/4 First Swim Meet against the Riptides at IVC