Senior LCM seasonal plan

 Hi ESC Senior Group,

I'm sending this out to our entire membership so they can get an idea of what they can look forward to as they reach the levels that you are at.  I want to show them just how much we plan before we even put a suit on.  Please read (parents-guardians-swimmers) and fill out the goal sheet ASAP.  see you ondeck-coach josh  


Hi ESC members,

Please enjoy a brief overview as to how our Senior Team at ESC prepares for another season of National-Regional top times!  And yes this is publish this on our website for our competitors to read.  To paraphrase Doc Councilman; by the time they figure out how to do what we're doing we'll be on to something more advanced.


Coach Josh   



Spring Summer Seasonal Plan

                If we reverse engineer our season we will find that we have 16 weeks until Regionals, NACC, and Zones.  We have 14 weeks before PNS Champs and 12 weeks before the July Invite (which is our last chance to qualify for PNS Champs). 

                I have broken the season into 3 meso-cycles.  (Think macro-cycle for the entire season, meso-cycle for phases of the season, and micro-cycle for the weekly and daily practices).  The first meso-cycle is 4 weeks plus 4 days fine tuning.  The second is 6 weeks with 8 days fine tuning.  The third meso-cycle is our “competitive phase” and that lasts from July to August. 

                Our first 4 cycle will start by averaging 5,000 meters per practice.  The second week will get a big bump to 6,000 per practice, the third and fourth weeks get a 500 meter per practice bump respectively.  After 4 weeks of intense training we will complete the cycle with 4 days of fine tuning leading up the Sockeye Open.  This will be individual attention to racing plans, technical help, rest, pre-meet mental training, and visualization.

                The next meso-cycle is 6 weeks of intensity (2x3 week micro-cycles to promote variety) plus 8 days fine-tuning.  We will start by averaging 6,000 meters a practice and by the time we reach June 24-26 we will be upwards of 9,000-10,000 meters (keep in mind that those days begin our 3 hour practices).  If you check our schedule you will think I’m a little crazy because this backs right into the Senior Games.  This is a chance for us as Senior swimmers to see how we can perform at the peak of our training season.  This is one of those meets where it’s character check time.  If we want huge time drops in August we need to have the mind set that our previous best times are our new in-season times that we can do anytime with no break in training, needing only a positive mental attitude, a good nights rest, and a big breakfast.

                The last phase of our season is the competitive phase.  This is where we are in peak condition having super-adapted from the previous 3 months of intense training.  Now we just need a few meets to really see what we can do.  The fine-tuning is even more individualized as each swimmer’s specific needs are met; pace work, starts, turns, video, mental training, visualization, etc...  During our competitive phase we are racing in 3 major competitions.  The first is the July Invite, then we go off to Moses Lake for a weekend of fun and water slides, the second meet is PNS Champs, and the 3rd is 2 weeks later with Regionals and NACC.  Aside from racing all weekend our focus will be focused on proper recovery the first 2-3 days of the week then fine-tuning the rest of the week to be ready the following weekend.

                Best of luck to you all as we prepare for another great summer!


Coach Josh Trotter
Head Coach
Evergreen Swim Club 

On these goal sheets, at the very least write out your LCM goals and I can do the SCM math.  Turn these in to Coach Josh ASAP.  The one below is a little better than the first one handed out but either one will serve our purpose.    


















 LCM goal times*

Prelims and finals
















the converted SCM practice time






List 100 pace


List 100 pace


List 100 pace






















































































































*Goal Times should include pre-lims and finals times.  Plan for championship finals to be 2-3 seconds faster than pre-lims with pre-lim swims “crushing” previous best times.  

If you want to win a particular meet, do your research and find out what times won your events for the past few years, knock some time off that and make that your goal time.  Create the capacity to win.  Team Goals; Qualify for PNS Champs, Zones, Regionals, Sectionals.  

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