SAC Updates




I hope everyone is having a nice week!  Here are some club updates to keep in mind as the May 6 start to our summer season draws nearer.


* First practice will be Monday, May 6.  For the first three weeks, groups 1 & 2 will practice from 6-7pm and groups 3 & 4 will practice 7-8:30pm.


* For families of swimmers in our spring training preseason, the kids have been doing a wonderful job refining strokes, starts, and turns.  They've been very attentive and focused on making sound improvements to their technique!


* Suit fittings will be April 29, 30, May 6, and 7.  We'll have details on times and where to go/who to see very shortly.


* We will be having a general organization meeting the first week of practice.  We're just waiting to get school approval on a location.  We're targeting May 8 or 9.  Please save these dates as we will be discussing a wealth of important aspects currently impacting our club.  We want you there!!!


* The summer meet schedule is posted on our site under "Events".  I did list "CASL" for our rec league dual meets and "USA" for the group 3 & 4 meet opportunities this season.  Take advantage of the USA Swimming meets as they provide tiered competition based on age and ability.  Our swimmers to date who have participated have grown tremendously both personally and athletically.  If you are in group 3 & 4 and have questions about these events, please contact me and I'll be happy to talk your ear off about their numerous benefits!


* I will be holding an NCAA college recruitment workshop for families of high school swimmers interested in college swimming on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00pm.  Swimmers and parents are encouraged to attend.  I'll be sharing NCAA rules and regulations for the college bound student-athlete, tips on making initial contact with schools and coaches, and what to expect throughout the recruitment process.  We've already had our athletes receive communication from some universities, so I hope everyone involved will find this event informative and helpful.  Let me know if you have questions.


* Registration deadline is May 10 for the summer season.  Please be sure to log in to your account and get your swimmers registered.  We will NOT be accepting any registrations, new or returning, after May 10.  Please also keep in mind that, for insurance purposes, your swimmer may not begin practice until they are registered.  Please direct online registration questions to SAC treasurer Angie Facchinei.


* With the private lesson schedule being booked, I will be adding appointment times for next Monday-Thursday (Apr 29-May 2) at 4:30pm and at 6:00pm.  Again, these will be first-come, first-serve.  I will continue to add appointments where time and space allow throughout the summer season.  To schedule a private lesson, click here.