Urgent Request to fill White Eagle Swim Team Parent Committee Openings

White Eagle Swim Team Parent Committee Openings

All Warrior Families:

White Eagle Swim Team, like other volunteer run teams/organizations, relies on committees and committee leaders to make it all happen.  Our committees represent you and your expectations for our team. Committee members evaluate ideas and recommend actions that affect your team.

Our committee chairs are always looking for talented, dedicated people who want to be a part of such a strong and enjoyable program for our kids and their peers.  Each of you has the most needed quality that lends to operating a successful program – love for your children and desire for them to have a fun, safe and healthy summer experience.  

There is so much more that goes into operating this program than volunteering for the required jobs that ensure a smoothly run meet and season.  Perhaps you find that timing at 5 meets isn’t your 1st choice anymore and you feel that you could serve the team in this different capacity? Perhaps your family cannot imagine your summers without Warrior Swimming and you want to be a part of what makes it so great?  If so, please take a look at our committees and the brief descriptions for each to determine if your talents/interests may serve one of the areas well.  If so, please reply to this email to  [email protected].

Many of the parents listed below have served this team since their own swimmers began the program, and are looking to move into different areas of responsibility, so there are several committee areas to fill.  For many of the positions the outgoing committe chairs will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Janet served in the assistant position for 3 years and 'learned the ropes' before taking over, but has not had anyone assisting her since assuming that role. She needs that assistant position to be filled this year as it is time for her to train her successors to ensure a smooth transition when it comes time for her to depart. Please note:  While swimmer registration for the 2014 season has begun, all vacant positions must be filled before we can begin job sign ups.

Serving as a committee chair fulfills your family's 5 meet/job requirement for the season. Thank you for considering being an important member of our parent committee and for considering the future of Warrior Swimming.  

Committee Chair – Janet Schenone

Oversee team operations/Coaches/Website/parent concerns

Asst. Committee Chair – Vacant for 2014

Assistant to Committee Chair for communications and team relations, future committee chair

Finance Chair – Jim Gosselin

Handles receipts and expenses for team operations

Membership & Registration – Rezina Alam

Annual registration and family records

Volunteers (2) – Amy Wang & Vacant for 2014

Work as a team to coordinate volunteer dates, confirm family requirements met, assign jobs and check in workers at all meets

Clerks of Course(2) - Deb Dynan and Vacant for 2014

Work as a team to ensure smooth running of our bullpen - our experts who work with parents assigned to this area to ensure your kids get to the blocks 

Classic and City Meet –  Vacant for 2014

Coordinate volunteers and organization of jobs for championship meets – Must be available to attend both the Classic and City Meets (July 12 - 1/2 day, July 18 evening & July 19 all day)

Computer / Scoring & Stats – Beth Farber

Runs the timing system for HOME meets and uploads all meet files to website

Swim Conference Representatives (3) – Mary Katherine Peebles, Kendra Kirchgessner & Janet Schenone

Represent White Eagle at monthly conference meetings and meets.  Serve on conference committee and oversee a championship meet area of responsibility.  Current Parent Committee Chair also serves as a Representative but is not required to attend monthly meetings.

Apparel – Stephanie Mathews

Team Suits, tshirts, caps, spirit wear, design and ordering

Officials – Kim Powell

Train and serve as an official and coordinate schedule for all White Eagle officials

Ribbons and Awards – Vicki Gronwold

Responsible for collection, distribution of all dual meet and champ meet ribbons, trophies and award bags at the Awards Banquet.

Social – Johnell Keeley (outgoing) & Kristen Liyeos

Plans and coordinates all team Social activities and Awards Banquet.  Must be able to attend all planned events for the season.

Home Meet Coordinator/Golf Club Relations – Traci Lowrey

Coordinate set up of HOME meets and oversee concessions and hospitality at HOME meets

Team Sponsorships - Traci Lowrey

Works with local businesses and team families for sponsorship opportunities

Homeowners Association Relations – Elizabeth Tiseo

Liaison between team and HOA for team support