2013 Banquet Wrap Up

I have hosted annual swim banquets for 35 years now, and I never had as much fun as I had this year with The Hurricanes of Columbus Aquatic Club. I don't know what it was, the venue, (St. Andrews Presbyterian Church) those that setup the event, Alicia Newton, Nancy Lewis, and Beth Leary, the coaches I have the honor of working along side, Elizabeth Hughes,Cari Best, and Jessica Medeiros, or it was the subject I got to speak about, our outstanding athletes. Which ever, the combination made for a great evening.

Special Award Winners:

Practice Group                         Most Improved            Coaches Award         

Tiger Sharks         "Female"      Avery Kate Jones        Maggie Yancey

                             "Male"          Jac Cummings             Nate Hilsman

Oly. Strokes "A"   "Female"      Molly Marsh                  Cristina Garcia

                             "Male"          Joe Hilsman                 Joseph Hamer

Oly. Strokes "B"   "Female"      Mikayla Best                Maggie Havican

                             "Male"          Camron Verdree         Chris Whitley

Oly. Strokes "C"   "Female"      Lucie Lefler                 Sarah-Kate Eshman

                             "Male"          Ethan Fowler               Connor Boudnik

Blue Team                                Sultan Sayedzada       Shae Grover

Aqua Pups           "Female"      Alex Leary                   Sarah Woods

                            "Male"           Max Myers                   Joseph Loudermilk

Dawgs                 "Female"       Karson Havican           Alexis Chavez 

                           "Male"            Madison Park              Riley Patrick

Gold Team         "Female"        Katheryn Livingston    Madigan Starr

                           "Male"            Brady Boudnik             Stephen Bunn

Junior Team       "Female"        Anna Leary                  Andie Hadaway

                           "Male"            Jarad Johnson             Piero Orderique

Senior Team      "Female"        Lauren Crane               Leigh Hadaway

                           "Male"            Jacob Abeyta               Chris Hughes

2013 Golden Goggle Award.

Olympic Strokes:      Alexis Jones & Chase Boudnik

Aqua Pups               Holly Mattson

Dawgs                      Madison Park

Gold Team               Madigan Starr

Junior Team            Piero Orderique

Senior Team           Josie Hadaway

New Team Records Award

12 New Records         Piero Orderique          

  3 New Records         Anna Beth Blankenship, Shannon Eshman, Josie Hadaway, Olivia Hadaway, Emma Hussin

                                    Alex Leary, Hannah Mattson, Holly Mattson

 2 New Records          Brady Boudnik, Stephen Bunn, Max Myers, Madison Park, Madigan Starr

 1 New Record           Vistoria Abeyta, Caroline Hollingsworth, Ashley Lewis, Katheryn Livingston, Elle Manderson