Instructions for On Line Job Sign Up - Sign Ups begin tomorrow

Online Job Signup will be available 4/26/2013 - You must have an account and LOG ON, before you can select your volunteer dates.  If you need assistance with this process, or have lost your password, please let me know.


White Eagle Swim Team is excited to offer online Event signups this season. With up-to-date available event slots readily visible, flexibility to change dates until the determined deadline, and independence for you to select the dates, we hope this is just as streamlined as your swimmer. Thanks for all your hard work.

How to signup Event jobs:

Click on the Meets/Social Events tab or the Larger Team Events tab on the right side on the Home Page to see full list of all meets. Each meet has two sign up buttons, an 'Attend this event (or edit commitment)' button - to sign up your swimmer(s) & 'Job signup' button to use if you are selecting that meet to fulfill one of your required jobs. Choose the meet you would like to work at, click on the 'Job Signup' button, and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Find the empty slots shown as "---------".
Step 2: Click on the check-box in front of the empty slot(s) that you want to sign up for. With the exception of Time Trials, you may sign-up multiple times on the same meet. If someone else's name is printed, that job slot is not available for you to sign up (this is a first-come-first-serve system). You can only sign up for the empty slots shown as "---------".
Step 3: Select [Signup] button to sign up for the slots that you selected. Each family should be listed a total of 5 times to cover your job commitment (unless you have made buy out arrangements).

Important Note: If your Account name is displayed right after the check-box, you've signed up for that Event. You do NOT have to "Signup" again. You, however, can use the "Remove Signup" button anytime before May 19th to remove the signup if you no longer want to work on that Event. After May 19th, you will NO longer be able to revise the schedule. It will be your responsibility to make sure the shift(s) are covered through either an internal swap or contacting [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance for a job hire.