Web Site Registration Opens 5/13 7PM!


Online Registration opens officially 5/13 at 7pm!  I will receive notifications, approve the registration, and you will receive an email letting you know it is complete.  From that point you can sign up for work assignments on a first come/first served basis.  We will check registrations until 11pm and then begin again in the morning. 

Each family is responcible for 3 work assignments so we can cover the season.

Please refer to the Work Assignment tab on the home page for information and guidance

Thank you for helping us to get into the digital era and use technology to help us communicate and continue our outstanding program!  Next year we plan to only do the online registration so thank you for your patience in getting there.  This information should not need to be re-entered from year to year. 

 To get registered you simply need to visit the home page of the Fenton Sharks.


  1. Click on the words Online Registration to the right of the pictures.
  2. Click on the Register Now button
  3. Choose I am a new user or I am not sure if I already have an account,  enter in an email address you check frequently (this will be your login account), and click Continue.
  4. Fill in the data in the form.  Fields designated with an * are required.  Other fields like guardian information and insurance information help us to have that data on hand if we need it in an emergency.  Click Continue.
  5. Two steps on this page:
    1. Add a member aka Child registration Click Add new member to add your children under this login.  We will use this to create the roster for meets this year.  Enter the info then click Add.
      1. ***IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ADD ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN IN THIS STEP.  Even if you are unsure if they will swim.
    2. Please read the Waivers (most of which you have seen), check the boxes next to Required.  Click Continue.
  6. Registration fee = $0 page.
    1. We will still COLLECT $8 from those who have not already paid this fee.  Sorry for this add on.  We are working to get sponsors to waive this fee. Please contact use if you are interested in this. 
    2. Enter Billing Details even though this will not be used this year.  (tried to avoid this but could not)
    3. Click Submit Order.


The Parent Reps.