BCST Swimmers Destroy PR'S!

Dick LaFave Classic 4/26-28


BCST swimmers showed no fear in their return to long course swimming, simply destroying previous best times from last season.  Out of 371 events in which BCST swimmers had entry times, BCST improved on 337 of them, for a 90% improvement rate.  It really goes to show you how far we’ve come since last summer!


78 BCST swimmers had 100% best times, while meet results were loaded with our swimmers in the top spots.  If this is a sign of things to come, it looks like it’s going to be a great summer of swimming.


Two BCST swimmers set records over the weekend.  First, Vlad Elizarov started the weekend off with a fantastic 400 free, not only dropping 15 seconds but also setting the meet record with a 4:50.00!  Not to be outdone, Henry Lucco swam in 6 events over the weekend, setting meet records in all six of them.  Of particular note was his 50 fly.  With his time of 29.08, he not only set the meet record, but set a BCST record as well, besting a 34 year old record previously held by the legendary Jeff Garr.


Great Job BCST!!!!!


Top Eight Finishers


Joseph Anderson (4th 100 free)

Paloma Baca (4th 50 free, 5th 100 free, 8th 100 back)

Jimmy Butler (7th 400 IM)

Eleanor Casey (8th 50 free)

Lydia Choi (6th 50 free, 8th 100 free, 100 fly)

Sophia Coco (7th 400 free, 8th 200 free, 50 breast)

Kian Cooney (5th 100 breast, 6th 400 free)

Stella Cross (3rd 400 free)

Alice DeCoteau (1st 50 fly, 100 back, 2nd 100 free, 50 back, 50 free, 3rd 100 fly)

Kylie Doan (8th 50 back)

Nick Elizarov (1st 400 IM, 50 back, 2nd 400 free, 200 IM, 3rd 200 free, 4th 50 free)

Max Groysman (5th 50 free)

Kunal Gupta (8th 50 free)

Alex Harrison (4th 50 free, 6th 100 back, 50 back)

Finn Heneghan (1st 400 free, 50 free, 100 free, 2nd 50 back, 100 back, 4th 200 free)

Colten Henry (5th 200 breast)

Philip Howard (6th 50 breast, 7th 100 breast, 8th 400 breast)

Alex Klinck (8th 200 IM)

Joanna Lee (7th 100 fly)

Nathan Lee (1st 50 back, 100 back, 2nd 50 fly, 200 IM, 3rd 100 fly, 50 breast)

Sophia Lee (2nd 200 breast, 7th 100 breast)

Henry Lucco (1st 50 fly, 50 free, 200 free, 200 IM, 100 free, 100 fly)

Ruben Luthra (6th 200 back)

Keren Makhervaks (7th 100 back)

Nolan Manning (5th 400 IM)

Kynseth Mann (4th 100 breast, 200 free, 8th 200 IM)

Ella Martinez (4th 400 free, 8th 200 free)

Rachel Nguyen (2nd 200 back, 100 back, 3rd 50 back)

Mari Nielsen (4th 200 back, 6th 400 IM, 8th 200 IM, 50 back)

Luca Pungan (1st 50 breast, 2nd 100 breast, 5th 100 free)

Nathan Quarterman (1st 50 fly, 3rd 200 free, 4th 50 back)

Killian Riley (4th 400 free)

Nate Robinson (3rd 200 back, 7th 100 back)

Carly Tudor (5th 50 free)

Izzy Voight (6th 200 breast)

Phillip Wang (5th 50 free, 6th 400 IM, 200 IM, 7th 50 fly, 8th 100 free, 100 breast)

Samantha Wineland (7th 400 free)

David Zhou (4th 100 breast)


100% Best Times


Joseph Andersen

Natalie Andersen

Paloma Baca

Owen Benda

Justin Brunings

Jimmy Butler

Jonathan Butler

Eleanor Casey

Lydia Choi

Sophia Coco

Kian Cooney

Stella Cross

JJ Davidson

Alice DeCoteau

Lolo Dederer

Oona Dederer

Kylie Doan

Tatum Doke

Jacqueline Doud

Nick Elizarov

Vlad Elizarov

Chris Freese

Erin Freese

Max Groysman
Kunal Gupta

Sarah Harrison

Abby Heneghan

Finn Heneghan

Colten Henry

Jacob Hepp

Hanako Hirai

Philip Howard

Gordon Kenny

Nick Kenny

Emily Kim

Alex Klinck

Ben Kolpa

Aspen Kroiss

Jeffrey Kwon

Matthew Kwon

Diane Lee

Jacob Lee

Joanna Lee

Kyle Lee

Nathan Lee

Sophia Lee

Megan Lei

Tiffany Li

Henry Lucco

Linnea Luthra

Keren Makhervaks

Nolan Manning

Olivia Manning

Kynseth Mann

Ella Martinez

Rachel Nguyen

Mari Nielsen

Jamie Paik

Lisa Paik

Portia Plaskon

Toby Plaskon

Luca Pungan

Nathan Quarterman

Jake Renager

Killian Riley

Nate Robinson

Chris Sakellariadis

Sarah Sherrer

Ethan Tan

Mei Lan Uyeno

Izzy Voight

Roy Vonter

Ashley Waiss

Meghan Waiss

Peter Wang

Phillip Wang
Emma Wineland

David Zhou