Online Accounts

 Dear Flying Fish Family,

Once again, we're using the TeamUnify online swim team management system this season.  Shortly after receiving this email, you will be sent a system-generated email with your login credentials to your own private account at the website.

If you're a returning family, your previous username and password should work. You only need to set a new password if you're new to the team or if you forgot your password from last year.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a menu in the upper-left corner with the option to view “My Account”. Please check the following within “My Account”:

·       Confirm the “Billing Account Configuration” details. 
We’re not actually using online billing but that’s how the system lists parental contact information.

·       If you want to receive text message alerts, please select “Add SMS” and enter your cell phone details.  You’ll immediately receive a text message with a validation code that you’ll need to enter into the website.

·       Confirm that your child(ren) is/are listed correctly in the “Members Under This Account” section at the bottom.  You can click on a name to see more details including birth date. 

Note: if a child swam in a previous year but is not registered this year, that child will still be listed with a status of “Canceled/Hidden”.


Please contact Jason Baker at [email protected] with any questions concerning the website or online account.  Please contact Brandon and Tracy Blalock at [email protected] for questions about registration.

Thanks and we look forward to a great season!