SAC Updates

* Practices this week run Tuesday-Friday.  Remember, practice times move up 30 minutes!  Groups 1 & 2 swim from 5:30-6:30pm and groups 3 & 4 swim from 6:30-8:00pm.  These times remain in effect until Tuesday, June 11.


* NCAA recruiting workshop for all high school swimmers interested in college swimming will be held tonight at 6:00pm!  Topics to be discussed include initial eligibility, core course requirements, recruiting timeline, college communications, what questions to ask coaches, how to find scholarships, and the general NCAA recruiting rules.


* Our first dual meet is this Saturday, June 1 at Central York High School.  The address is 601 Mundis Mill Road, York, PA 17406.  Swimmers are to be dressed and on deck at Central York by 8:15am.  The deadline to sign up is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29.  You may sign up by clicking the commitment button under the meet information on the Events page.  I plan to have the event list and entries for each swimmer emailed out to everyone before practice on Thursday.


* New swimmers:  I will be holding a "time trial" to review the swim meet protocol for interested new swimmers tomorrow  during the 5:30 practice time.  We'll use a couple lanes to run through what goes on at a swim meet and give each swimmer an opportunity to "race" 1-2 events that they will have come Saturday.  I'll also go over some of the swim rules and discuss some roles and responsibilities for parents as well.  Feel free to email me questions.


* Unfortunately, the NBAC meet had also closed prior to receipt of our entries.


* Swimmer stroke filming will begin next Monday during practice times.  All swimmers will be filmed performing all four strokes, starts, and turns, that will be later reviewed with a member of the coaching staff.


* A note to new families about the first meet:  The first swim meet is alot to take in.  We'll be reviewing all the pertinent information with your children throughout the week to have them prepared for their first competition.  Keep in mind, we only enter new swimmers (well, all swimmers for that matter) in events we are confident they can perform in.  We do not place swimmers in events they are not ready for, nor do we put them in positions of failure.  Our goals are pretty simple:  1) to put our team in the best position to strive for competitive success; 2) to place individuals in situations that will best contribute to their continued growth and success athletically and personally; 3) to foster an environment of fun!


Will new swimmers be nervous, anxious, and even a little scared?  ABSOLUTELY!  This is even our most experienced swimmers go through these same emotions!  It's important to reinforce the excitement of being on a team, being proud of your swimmer for their progress, and encouraging them to give their very best effort!  We'll also be partnering up our new swimmers with some of our veterans in a "buddy" system to help them get the most out of their first competitive experience.


Thank you and have a wonderful week!