Swimming News You Can Use!

Check Online Roster for updates.  If you event is checked then it is approved.  I will work to remove the rest that were causing confusion.


We will have Friday morning practices available except for July 5th. 



  • On the shoulder of the swimmer you should put your child’s last name.  On their arm/hand, write down the following information:
    • Race Number
    • Event:  Butterfly, Back, and Breast, Free
    • Heat
    • Lane Number
  • Baby Oil and makeup remover will remove all ink from your children.
  • PLEASE TELL KIDS TO NOTwrite all over their backs…. it’s fun, but it gets all over pool chairs.


So from the web site we have everything but lane and this:


Here is a picture of what your swimmers arm needs to look like filled in with their events.  Also, swimmer's name on the shoulder blade.  This is especially helpful for the younger swimmers who forget and need bullpen workers to help them. Our bullpen workers need this to make the meet run smoothly.


You can fill in the Heat & Lane tomorrow when we get there.   We will try to get this info sooner to you if we can.


Reminder: Picture night is this Wednesday June 12th. Please wear your competition suit.  Arrive a little early if you can.

As always, thank you for your help!