Lowengrub-Jr.Nat Cut in 200 Breast and 28 Best Times at SMOC!


Congratulations to our newest member Catherine Lowengrub for achieving her 1St Junior National Cut in the 200 Breast. 

Welcome Aboard!!!!!!

Azots swimmers made 30 finals with 28 best times achieved at SMOC!!!

Congrats to Corey Okubo for winning the 400 IM

It was a great Socal weekend in Mission Viejo to hold a Championship Swim meet.  The weather was perfect for the Azots swimmers. They posted  28 best times while making it back to 30 finals.  The competition was fierce, which included Olympians, former Olympians, college swimmers and professional swimmers.  This did not deter  Corey Okubo placing top 8 in 3 of his races, Brittany Kahn placed 7th in the 1500 Free, Ken Takahashi  placed  7th in the 400 IM and Hunter  Sa Nguansap placed 7th in the 100 breast.  This meet is so special, that they brought in the announcer from the Olympic Trials.

GIRLS TOP 24 Finals

Brittany Kahn -1500 Free (7th)

Daniela Georges- 100 Back (11th), 400 IM (13th), 200 Back (18th)

Catherine Lowengrub-200 Breast (12th), JR Nationals Cut!!! 100 Breast (19th)

Isis Choi- 200 Breast (14th), 100 Breast (20th)

Kendall Brown- 400 IM  (17th)

Boys TOP 24 Finals

Corey Okubo- 400IM (1st), 200 Fly (3rd), 200 back (6th)

Hunter SA Nguansap- 100 Breast (7TH), 200 IM (14TH), 400 IM (18TH)

Ken Takahashi- 400 IM (7TH)

Liam Karas- 200 IM (10TH)

Chris Taber- 200 Fly (10th), 400 IM (24th)

Thomas Smith- 100 Back (15th), 200 IM (16th)

Judd Howard-100 Breast (16th), 400 IM (21ST)

Alex Peterson- 200 Back (17th)

Danny Tran- 100 Back (18th)

Tyler Lin-100 Breast-(19th)

Christian Garkani (21st)

Justin Hanson- 400 IM (22nd )

Christian Garkani- 100 Back (21st)

Chris Havton-100 Breast (23rd)

Andrew Knoell-200 Back (23rd)


GREAT SWIMMING AZOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!